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Acacia Tree Garden Hotel Review: Getting Away from it All

By On November 26, 2014
It was my first time exploring the attractions near Puerto Prinsesa. The first two times I visited Palawan, I went to Coron and when I did land in the city, I went straight to El Nido. I only spared a few hours and a night in Puerto Prinsesa without doing anything else. But for this trip, I went to visit the famous Underground River. I found this sweet spot a little bit outside the main road. Despite (and because of) it's location, Acacia Tree Garden provided the comforts of home, away from the hustle and bustle of the city center.

Lolo Oyong Pension House Review: Respite in El Nido

By On November 23, 2014
I had plans on returning to El Nido before the year ended. I wanted to return to my favorite island in the Philippines (Palawan) and explore it even more. As soon as the plane landed in Puerto Prinsesa, I rode the van heading to El Nido.

At the Edge of Thailand: Mae Sai & The Golden Triangle

By On November 17, 2014
After being inspired by the White Temple our motley crew of tourists were taken to where the opium trade was in full bloom after World War II.

The Heart of An Artist: The White Temple

By On November 09, 2014
After seeing pictures of the White Temple in Chiang Rai, I already made up my mind that I wanted to see it during my trip to Northern Thailand.

Budget Travel in Southern Thailand

By On November 03, 2014
I was really excited to visit Southern Thailand for the first time. I planned on staying in Thailand for a month and stay in the south for approximately 2 weeks. It took quite some planning and saving and working while traveling to pull it off.

Looking for a Good Value Hotel in Boracay? Let Boracay Beach Real Estate & Accommodation Be Your Guide!

By On November 02, 2014
Are you having a difficult time finding a budget-friendly resort for your island getaway to Boracay? To find a resort that fits your budget faster and easier you will need help from a travel agent or website. Choosing between an agent and a travel website is a tough decision to make. Both choices offer pros and cons, but, travelers of all sorts can’t miss with Boracay Beach Real Estate & Accommodation.

Boracay Beach Real Estate & Accommodation provides intrepid travelers with an easy to use website that they can use to make hotel reservations for their Boracay escapade. Aside from a user-friendly website, the company has top-notch travel advisors on hand to provide travelers with advice about their bookings and reservations. The value that Boracay Beach Real Estate & Accommodation offers combines the best of booking with a travel agent and a website!

Take Me to The Beach: Maya Bay & Other Islands in Ko Phi Phi

By On November 01, 2014
Honestly, I was expecting a lot from Maya Bay, but like most popular tourist destinations, visions of pristine beaches and picture perfect photos must be tempered with reality.

It was monsoon season, my initial trip to Maya Bay got cancelled because of the fierce waves. I decided to head to Ko Phi Phi to make sure that I got to see the island before I left Thailand and never to return again for quite some time.



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