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Travel Guide Budget and Itinerary for Transylvania

By On April 07, 2023

Romania is an interesting country with plenty to offer visitors. It's also an uncommon destination whenever people plan their trip around Europe. I've heard good things about the country, especially Transylvania. 

Brasov The Wandering Juan

I spent some days exploring Brasov, Sighisoara and Sibiu during my stay in Transylvania.

Tips on Entertaining Kids during a Flight

By On March 25, 2023

Traveling with your kids is a fun experience that they’ll cherish even when they’re adults. They’ll remember the good times you shared as a family whether it’s in a new city or by the beach. However, they can get bored or restless during a flight from city to city. 

Pisa The Wandering Juan

There are ways to keep them entertained throughout the flight.

Travel Guide Budget and Itinerary for Nuremberg

By On March 15, 2023

I wanted to visit Germany during my trip around Europe. One of the easiest places to visit from Prague was Nuremberg. It was also an interesting place to visit because of its history and it's also a transportation hub for some of the small towns that were part of my itinerary.

Nuremberg The Wandering Juan

I was eager to explore Nuremberg even if I was staying for only a few days. 

Travel Guide Budget and Itinerary for Venice

By On February 24, 2023

I was excited to finally visit Venice after only reading about it in books and online. I took the overnight train from Salzburg with a quick stop in Padua before taking another train to Venice.

Venice The Wandering Juan

Venice is a historic city I didn't want to miss visiting during my trip around Europe.

Travel Guide Budget and Itinerary for Bucharest

By On February 10, 2023

My interest in Central and Eastern Europe continued when I visited Romania's capital, Bucharest. 

Bucharest The Wandering Juan

I stayed a few days in Bucharest and managed to at least get a glimpse of what the city has to offer. This guide can help you plan your trip.

How to Get to Rothenburg ob der Tauber by Public Transportation

By On February 07, 2023

I was in Nuremberg for a few days and saw a few interesting day trips from the city. I decided on visiting Rothenburg ob der Tauber.

Rothenburg ob der Tauber The Wandering Juan

This quaint destination looks like it came from a fairytale. 

One Day in Bratislava, Slovakia

By On January 20, 2023

I was in the midst of a trip around Central Europe. I figured I would make a detour through Bratislava since it was near Brno and I was going to Austria anyway. I've heard good things about Bratislava and I was eager to visit a city I haven't been to.

Bratislava The Wandering Juan

One day isn't enough to fully discover and experience what a city has to offer, but if it's all the time you have you can still enjoy your trip and visit some attractions.