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Why You Need a Plan to Control Debt

By On October 11, 2021

As someone who frequently travels, there are plenty of variables that can affect my trip. This can be an accident, sudden financial needs for myself or family, emergencies, and others. These can eat into my budget and affect my long-term financial health. It is important to control debt so that you can enjoy the things you like while maintaining an emergency fund.

The Wandering Juan

Play Online Games while in Transit

By On August 28, 2021

Travel is fun but there are times when we will wait at a station for our bus or train, or when we are in transit before we get to our destination. During these times we'd want something to occupy our minds and pass the time. One of the things to do is to play online games.

online games while traveling

What Blogging Has Taught Me

By On August 22, 2021

 I started blogging several years ago. It started out as a hobby where I talked about my own trips. These were personal adventures with friends and on my own. I documented my first few trips out of the country as a solo traveler. 

The Wandering Juan

I didn’t know then that it would provide me with opportunities for career and personal growth.

My Favorite Destinations in Japan

By On August 15, 2021

Japan is an all-time favorite destination for me. I've visited the country many times and is eager to return once the pandemic is over. It's so easy to go anywhere, the food is good (despite its high price), it's safe, the attractions are interesting and a lot of other reasons to visit.

Kyoto The Wandering Juan

Here are my favorite destinations in Japan.

My Favorite Destinations in Southeast Asia

By On July 11, 2021

Southeast Asia is the region I was able to travel around in for a month or so. It kick started my wanderlust. I remember my first trip to Bangkok several years ago. My experiences there led me to the conclusion that I wanted to travel as much as possible. Being from the Philippines also made traveling around the region possible and easy (Filipino passport holders don't need a visa to visit countries in Southeast Asia).

Thailand The Wandering Juan

Here's a list of my favorite places in Southeast Asia (excluding my home country the Philippines) in no particular order.

My Favorite Destinations in the Philippines

By On June 27, 2021

I've been to more than half of the provinces in the Philippines. I've enjoyed my own country's beautiful beaches, lagoons, mountains and other natural attractions. I have a few favorite places I wouldn't mind returning to (and I have returned to a few times).

El Nido The Wandering Juan

This my own personal list, check it out.

Future Travel Plans (International)

By On April 03, 2021

The global pandemic has put leisure travel on hold for many people (including myself). I haven't gone anywhere for more than a year now. I got a new full-time job because freelance work dried up and income became unstable. However, despite all this I still plan to travel in the future. 

Czech Republic The Wandering Juan
Photo c/o d_poltoradnev

Here's a short list of places I want to visit in the future when at least a semblance of normal returns.