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Travel Guide: Three Natural Bridges, Chongqing

The Three Natural Bridges in Wulong is one of the places you can visit as a day trip from Chongqing. These wonders of nature are a sight to behold. The bridges are also part of the Wulong Karst National Geology Park.

The Three Natural Bridges

I was looking to do more things in Chongqing compared to the last time I was here. That time, I just passed through en route to another city. One of the things I found out while looking for places to visit was the Three Natural Bridges.

One of the selling points of this park is that it was one of the locations for the hit movie Transformers. I saw statues of the characters within the park's complex.

After paying the fee (you have the option to go to just the bridges or the gorge), you'll ride a shuttle to take you to the entrance. As I explored the park, I saw nature's work of art. The towering karst formations surrounded us.

The park along with the South China Karst is part of UNESCO's natural world heritage list. During the trip, I saw Heilong Bridge, Tianlong Bridge and Qinglong Bridge.

The walk around the park was easy, like many of the parks I've been to in China, the tourism infrastructure was developed. There were steps, paved and wooden walkways throughout, I also took an elevator to one of the sections. However, these developments didn't ruin my experience.

There were restored structures inside the park complex, it made for a good rest stop to take everything in.

The three bridges had varied heights and widths, caused by tectonic movements and underground water erosion.

There was also a waterfall in the complex.

Other than the Chongqing heat, it wasn't difficult to walk around, it was quite enjoyable.

How to Get to the Three Natural Bridges

The Three Natural Bridges is easily accessible from Chongqing City. The first place you need to get to is Wulong, you have options on how to get to the latter, these are:

  • You can take the subway (line 3) and alight at Sigongli Station, leave via exit 3. Go to the Public Transit Hub, then take the bus to Wulong, the fare is about CNY60.
  • You can also take the train from Chongqing North Railway Station to Wulong. You can check the schedules and fare at Ctrip.
  • You can also take the bus to Xiannü Town Tourist Center from Longtousi Tour Bus Center. The fare is around CNY83 for adults and CNY42 for children. Buses leave at 8:00, 9:00 and 11:30AM every day.
If you didn't take the bus directly to Xiannü Town Tourist Center, you can catch another bus from Wulong Bus Station to it. The fare is around CNY8.


CNY135 for March to October
CNY95 for November to February

You can include Longshui Gorge with your trip to the Three Natural Bridges, click here: Longshui Gorge for more info.


  1. Thanks for your shares. I am still figuring out where that location is for real and where to enter it from. Hard to find exact locations and infos on google maps as pins are mostly far off the real thing.

  2. Hi Juan, is can I do the three bridges and gorge on the same day.

    1. Yes but you have to start early

    2. Hi, Juan. How can we get there very early, before opening? I'm supposed to be back to Chongqing and catch my train at 6PM. Do you have any recomendation? Thanks!

    3. I'll try a private car or a taxi from the hotel. Thanks!