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Explore Quezon: The Grand Old Houses of Sariaya

I was looking for other things to visit and do in Quezon aside from the much talked about beaches. I was directed to the grand old houses in Sariaya.

The Grand Old Houses

There are a number of grand old houses in Sariaya that date back several decades ago. The coco barons of the early 1900s benefited from the high demand of oil from copra. The barons showed off their affluence and influence through the elaborate stone houses they had built.

The Don Catalino Rodriguez ancestral home was constructed in 1922 and is also known as Villar Sariaya. It is typical of the many stone houses constructed in the 19th century.

The Gala-Rodriguez ancestral home was designed by Dr. Juan Nakpil and owned by the prominent Dr. Isidro Rodriguez and Dona Gregorio Gala. The art deco house was later used by the Japanese during World War 2.

The Natalio Marquez mansion was by far the most eye-catching of the homes I saw in Sariaya. It reminded me of the baba and nyonya houses I saw in some parts of Malaysia.

The mansion's twin spires and castle-like facade are fetching and unique amidst the modern homes and other ancestral houses in the area. Juan Luna's son, Andres Luna de San Pedro, designed this home.

There are other old and attractive houses in Sariaya, the ones I mentioned here are the most prominent and some are inscribed as heritage houses by the National Historical Institute.

Sariaya Church

Like many provinces in the Philippines, a Catholic church is one of the oldest structures in town. Sariaya Church was first constructed in 1599. The construction of the present day church began in 1746.

Quezon has many historical and cultural attractions that will make you think nostalgically of a bygone epoch. Make this province a place to go to, to discover about the rich past of our country.

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