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Third Time's a Charm: Back in El Nido

By On August 24, 2016
El Nido is one of those places I'd like to keep coming back to because of its idyllic ambiance and beautiful destinations. For this trip, I wanted to visit some of the beaches I have yet to see.

Shirakawago: Exploring the Japanese Countryside

By On August 18, 2016
I've been to a few of the cities in Japan, but have yet to travel to its countryside. So when I returned, I decided I would go somewhere different. Atop of my list was Shirakawago in central Japan.

Time Traveling in Narai

By On August 09, 2016
I wasn't planning on going to Narai, but I had time after a few nights in Matsumoto. It was also on the way back to Nagoya, which was the same direction I was going. After researching online and hearing from a roommate, I decided to visit this old post town.

The City in the Mountains: Exploring Matsumoto

By On August 01, 2016
Matsumoto wasn't initially on my places to visit in Japan, but after hearing good things about it from other travelers and reading online, I decided to go.



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