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Taking It Slow in Idyllic Romblon

By On March 25, 2017
I was looking for a new province to visit, and thankfully Cebupacific started a new route that went from Manila to Romblon. The adventurous side of me wanted to explore this group of islands and see what was in store for me.

How Travel Changed My Life

By On March 19, 2017
The travel bug just came at me a few years ago; I didn't know what came over me when I booked my first ticket out of the country. It was to a place that was very much like the Philippines, it was nearby Kota Kinabalu. Since then I've been to different places in Asia and the Philippines, hoping to travel to another continent soon.

During my first few trips, it was just impulse and frenetic moving from place to place. Not until I learned to slow down, did I finally ask the question, does travel really change a person?

Yunnan, China Budget Guide and Itinerary

By On March 11, 2017
I've been mulling over going to China since college, I finally got the chance to do so. However, my first trip to the rising dragon wasn't in the usual places such as Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou or even Xiamen. I decided to visit Yunnan first because of the things I discovered online.

Reaching the Summit: Mt. Pulag Chronicles

By On March 04, 2017
Mt. Pulag is one of the mountains I wanted to climb. I pictured the sea of clouds and the first rays of the sun, with its red hands hovering over the peaks. However, expectation and reality are two very different things. The weather plays a huge role when it comes to seeing the famous clouds and sunrise.

My Stay at Centara Grand, Hua Hin

By On March 01, 2017
Hua Hin is known for the its beautiful coast; for those who want a relaxing holiday away from the party islands, this is the place to visit. it's near enough Bangkok for a short stay, but still has everything you need, from convenience stores, restaurants of all types and a bustling market. During my stay in this part of Thailand, our group stayed in Centara Grand.



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