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Experiencing Hua Hin

By On September 28, 2016
You may have already seen Hua Hin's beautiful beaches on a previous trip or you might've come across it while researching for an upcoming one. This coastal destination has more to offer than the usual beach and tropical attractions.

At the Heart of Bangkok

By On September 24, 2016
It's been a while since I last explored Bangkok; I liked the city during my first visit. The bustling and vibrant city was a mix of old and new. The towering buildings and the neon lights of the shopping centers mixed with the old and royal structures. The tuktuks raced with the latest cars, and the old neighborhoods were next to the commercial districts. Walking around Bangkok was like entering a time warp.

For this trip, our group was shown a different side of the city that I didn't see in my previous trips.

Hotel Review: Kuta Baru in Lombok

By On September 16, 2016
I was looking forward to my trip to Kuta, Lombok during my two weeks stay on the island. Thankfully, I had a cozy and homey room for two nights in Kuta Baru Hotel.

Walking Into a Time Warp: The Kiso Valley Tsumago & Magome Trail

By On September 12, 2016
The cities of Japan are fascinating; the bustling streets filled with pedestrians in Shibuya, the neon lights of the shopping centers and restaurants of Osaka and the trains that zip through each city like bullets are hallmarks of a developed country. However, that was not what I was looking for on this trip. I headed to the provinces to discover what Japan was like before.

Tsumago Old Town

Hotel Review: Hangout @Mt. Emily

By On September 09, 2016
It was my third time in Singapore and I was looking to visit new places and re-visit old ones, because for this trip, I traveled with my sister (it was her first time in Singapore).

Hotel Review: Favehotel in Mataram

By On September 03, 2016
Favehotel provides travelers an affordable place to stay while in Mataram. I stayed there for two nights during my stay in Lombok.



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