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The Way Back: The White Mountains in Mongolia

Our trip to the Gobi Desert was about to come to an end, before we returned to the big city, we made a stop at the White Mountain.

The White Mountain

The viewing point atop one of the mountains provided us we 360 degree views. The mountains weren't exactly white (they were partially covered in snow by-the-way); they were more yellowish and dirty white. However, that didn't ruin the experience for me.

The direction of the sunlight created a play of light and shadow. The mix of the latter two made the mountains more picturesque for me.

There were also patches of different colors (reds and yellows) just below the mountains; it reminded me of a significantly smaller version of the rainbow mountains in China.

The rock formations of the area looked like mushrooms to me.

I took many pictures from different angles. There wasn't much of anything else to do. You can go down the mountain and climb back up, but the descent is steep, so be careful.

We went to camp for the night; the sunset was beautiful (a recurring theme during my trip). There were no obstructions, no buildings or bridges, no cars and barely any people. The light spread out through the landscape with only a couple of hills, steppes and rock formations dispersing it.

On a side note, this campsite had the best toilet during our camping trip (it deserved a picture haha). Most of the places we spent the night in only had a hole in the ground and sometimes no door.

Mongolia's stunning landscapes are unique, a lot of it (at least the parts I've been to) are a whole lot of nothing for hundreds (sometimes more than a thousand) of kilometers. The rolling hills and steppes, and the occasional wild life, and small towns in between places displayed the untamed nature of this country. The extreme weather was also a unique experience; we drove for an hour or so to weather that was completely different from the place we came from. It's amazing how the nomads managed to live in a country like this.

Camping in the Gobi

I booked a tour with UB Guesthouse, the van was comfortable for this type of trip and the guide/driver friendly and attentive. He and his assistant were able to cook inside the vehicle (no joke!). They charge around US$50-US$55 per day depending on the size of the group; this covers the homestays, food, fees and van for the entire trip.

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