Encounter with Oslob Whale Sharks

After reading about swimming with whale sharks from various blogs online, I decided to jump in and try it myself. I left the guest house as early as I could to be one of the first to swim with the Oslob whale sharks. I got up at 6AM to catch the first boat that sails out to the whale shark watching area. There was a short discussion of what you can do and not do during the whale shark interaction.

These gentle giants swimming right under our boats was an unforgettable experience. The whale sharks, locally known as tuki, not only approached boats but also swam very close to people.


There is no denying that there is a hint of fear while swimming with these whale sharks even if they don't attack or harm people. Despite the rule of not coming within 5 meters of the whale sharks, you can't help but get near them because they swim so close to people in the water. One whale shark swam right under me and hit me with its tail as I tried to swim away. They were used to having people around.

I can't help but reiterate how exhilarating it was to swim with these magnificent creatures. The hint of fear quickly subsided as the whale sharks emanated gentleness.

Just being underwater with these huge gentle creatures was an unforgettable experience. The small innocent eyes of the whale sharks contrasted beautifully with their large bodies. Who would've thought that these huge creatures could have such gentle eyes?

The way the whale sharks danced around and in-between boats and people were masterful. Despite many rule breakers touching the whale sharks, or when the whale sharks hit the boats, they were still in their most gentlest behavior. They somehow knew that with a flick of a tail or a sharp burst of speed they could wreak havoc. It was grace, forgiveness that only nature's silence can provide.

Flying solo wasn't too bad because I got to swim with whale sharks. I wouldn't mind swimming with these gentle giants again if I had another chance.

How to get to Tan-awan, Oslob?

There are many non-aircon and aircon buses (P149 and P155 respectively for a one-way ride) that go to Tan-awan, Oslob. Tell the conductor you will get down at Barangay Tan-awan in Oslob (where the whale sharks are) because you might end up in another place. There are several whale shark interaction services that line the highway so take your pick. I paid P500 including snorkeling gear and life vest for the whale shark interaction. I forgot the name of the business owner I contacted but here's his contact number: 09232841008 or 09327733438. His shop is next to Chateau de Tan-awan and right in front of a school. If you end up spending a night in Tan-awan, a room for one costs P450 at Chateau de Tan-awan.



  1. Wow! This is definitely one for the books! I can't wait to go to Sorsogon, have my photo taken beside a whale shark, and post it on my blog! =)

  2. Swimming with Whale Sharks is also something I would want to do and just seeing your photos makes me green with envy and wishing I was the one swimming with the whale sharks,

  3. Wow! I'd love to experience swimming with the whale sharks. Looks like you had a wonderful experience :)

  4. Eventhough you said they don't attack or harm people, I still don't wanna try this.. haha... This mammal is so huge that it can even swallow you whole...

  5. omg! that is incredible! haha i will never go around somehwere like that inder the sea! mybe my aussie friends would love this!

  6. I love these amazing underwater captures!

  7. Wow! what a nice experience! I'd love to do that but the shark terrifies me.

  8. Envy naman ako sa iyo bro, swimming side-by-side with whale shark that i wish to enjoy.

  9. This is definitely something that I would like to try, swim with whale sharks. As much as I fear swimming alongside one, it would try it still! I hope that I can still try this when I visit Oslob because I've been hearing stuff that these gentle creatures aren't being cared for the way they should be. :/

  10. what an amazing swimming experience with the whale shark!

  11. You swim with the shark! that is an awesome experience.Lucky you. Those underwater photos are beautiful.

  12. Nice underwater photography!
    I'm seething with envy here as Ive never seen Tuki or whale sharks.
    If given a chance, i'd probably be torn between doing the right thing of just be content in watching these giants, or to actually swim with them

  13. Nakaka ingit pics mu kuya. Anu bang camera ang ginamit mu? Nasa sayo o camera ng whale shark company? Sana ma improve lang yong eco-tourism dito and hindi ipa close. Mas approve ako sa eco tourism compared sa hina hunting sila ng mga mangingisda. Yong kind na walang impact yong feeding nila sa mga sharks. Kakaibang experience to swim with them kasi. Sa hawaii high tech kasi, at night may boats na ultra violet rays para ma attract yong krill at lumalapit ang manta rays at nag swimming sa mga tourists and stuff. Gusto ko talaga ma experience ang swimming with whale sharks. Sana hindi ma ban. Next year ako pupunta dyan. :D

  14. @claudine: gamit ko camera ko hehe, point and shoot camera lang na ilagay ko sa waterproof case :D

  15. Ooh! Super thanks. Sa yo ba yong case o borrowed sa kanila? Saan nakakabili ng good case? Currently preparing myself for travels next year dahil preggy pa me next year. I love your blog. Very informative and fun ng adventures mo. <3 <3 Debating on whether to buy a point and shoot or waterproof camera for me kasi. :D

  16. @claudine: sakin yung case, yng case na gamit ko is yung sa Dicapac mga P1,500 ata yung price. sa DB gadgets ako bibili eto yung number nila: 09155917925 :D

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