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Conquering Mountains: Mt. Maculot

It was a long weekend (November 30, 2012) and I was looking for something to do. With my new found hobby of hiking, I decided to go on a day hike to one of my favorite provinces, Batangas. Mt. Maculot was located in Cuenca, Batangas and it had a Rockies, Summit, and Grotto part.

Anthony and his coco juice stall (there were a lot of them)

Our awesome guide EJ (left).

Taal Lake

Taal Volcano

The view from the on the way up and on the Rockies was awesome. You can see Taal Lake and Taal Volcano, the plains of Batangas and other mountains. The hike up only lasted for an hour and a half, our pace was slower than usual because one of our friends had cramps along the way so we had to stop to rest but we managed to make it to the top and back in one piece. The hike down took less time, more or less an hour. Mt. Maculot was more up, up, up and more up compared to the other mountains I've already conquered. But it was not as hard as Mt. Pico de Loro. on average the total hike is only around 2-3 hours long going up and down, which makes it suitable for day hikers and beginners.

Rockies 706 MASL
Summit 930 MASL
Grotto 510 MASL

The walk to the base of the mountain can take up to 20 minutes if you walk, there are tricycles that offer their services to take you to the jump-off point immediately.

You can choose to just go to the Grotto, Rockies, or Traverse. The locals warn against doing the traverse, since there have been instances wherein people had to be rescued or hurt.


Bus from Cubao to Tambo Exit: P132 (one way)
Bus from Lipa to Ayala: P119 (one way)
Jeep from Tambo Exit to Lemery: P25 (one way)
Entrance Fee to mountain: P10 each
Guide: P500 (split 4 ways)
Total Expenses: P436 (does not include food)


  1. I'll definitely try to climb a mountain if I'm on my running off season.

  2. I would also love to try climbing mountains but I don't have the time and I don't have friends or family members who are willing to go with me. Sad huh?

  3. I like climbing mountains and hiking. Whenever I climb a mountain I don't feel tired easily, it feels good when you see the nice green trees and nature at its finest.

  4. I have been to Taal its idyllic and beautiful. I rode the pony and it one of the fun memories I have in Taal plus the buko juice on top of the crater - wapak!

  5. I am a Batangueña and used to live in Batangas so I know Mt. Maculot. It's sad that I haven't been there.

  6. nice photo! im currentl having some coconut juice now also! love the whole view fantastic! xx

  7. i think i will never have the endurance to climb mountains. i guess i'll just appreciate the view of taal from Dencio's or Starbucks. haha!

  8. Great shots, man. I want to climb mountains but I don't have the time to. Oh well. Maybe soon.

  9. Not bad, for less than P500. That would've been a refreshing retreat, seeing all those picturesque sights. :)

  10. The trail and the view look really good! It also seems to be an affordable adventure-trip for anyone into a little bit of outdoor fun. Good post buddy :)

  11. uhmmm, not a mountain person but I love that view. I remember going to Cuenca in my college days for butterfly catching, but that was a hill we climbed...if there is only one mountain in that area...then that must have been the base of Mt. Maculot...wow, after all these years, I get to know that mountain's name :)

  12. Mountain climbing is one of my dream but i can't do it because of my health condition. Those views on top of the mountains are breathtaking.

  13. Would definitely love to experience this with my family, I'm not quite sure though if my body will cooperate.

  14. I misss home!!!! I miss our mountains, everything about our country I misss terribly!!!

  15. Haven't done any kind of hiking activity. But I heard a lot of good things about Mt. Maculot and it's summit or peak. Great enchanting photos of the lake as well.

  16. I only realized a few years back that Mountain Climbing is one of my frustrations in life. And now I know that Mt. Maculot is in Batangas as I thought its somewhere else.