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Planning & Expenses for Kota Kinabalu

I don't really plan what I'm going to do or create an itinerary once I'm somewhere, I just browse around the net, ask friends, and read other people's blogs on what they do in the places I go to. I also look at Tripadvisor and find out what other people have to say about a particular place. It's also a good time to wander around a foreign country to find out what you can do. You get to learn about the place you are in simply by walking about, the way the streets lead into certain places, and the way buildings are constructed and where they are placed.

Here's an estimated breakdown of my expenses for Kota Kinabalu:

P2,890 - Airfare back and forth courtesy of Cebupacific promo
P2,170 - Airport tax for international travel and terminal fee
P440 - Overnight Masada Backpacker
P1,700 - 2 nights in Tune Hotel in One Borneo
P1,100 - Island hopping (Pulau Mamutik, Manukan, and Sapi)
P2,000 - Mari-Mari Cultural Village
P140 - Conservation fee for island hopping
P200 - Entrance fee for the museum
P1,500 - For food and transportation (this could've been less if I hadn't took the cab as often as I did)

Approximate Total: P12,140

I know the total is expensive (a majority of the expenses went to airfare and taxes) and I've read that others spent significantly less I'll try to spend less on my next adventure. On a side note, traveling alone is probably more expensive compared to traveling with a companion/s because I don't get to share the expenses with someone else.  

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  1. Hi! I'm travelling alone and this is my first time to travel abroad.how does it feel?