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The Wandering Juan Flies Solo to Bangkok

I bought my ticket to Bangkok, Thailand WAY in advance, close to a year in advance to be exact. My motto as a traveler is that hindi uso ang spontaneous sa nagtitipid I don't know how to put that precisely in English. But my thinking is that to get the lowest prices on airfare is to get them early, unless you know someone from the airline you avail you won't be getting tickets for cheap.The ticket I booked lasted for 4 days and 3 nights during the second week of November, 10-13 to be exact.

The tickets I got to Bangkok were from Cebupacific's weekly promo fares. Unfortunately the ticket was form Clark to Bangkok and back and not from Manila. I had to endure 1-2 hours of travel time just to get to the airport for my flight. I took the Philtranco bus from SM Megamall A to Clark. The fare cost me P400 one way.

Clark Airport
My flight to Bangkok was at night so I would arrive there almost midnight already, giving me no time to do anything on my first day.During the flight there was this South American/European looking guy who sat a seat apart from me he suddenly offered some cookies and told me I could get whenever I want, he was also a solo traveler. Maybe traveling alone gives you a glimpse of how nice people can be even if he or she is a complete stranger. On a side note, this was not the only time I encountered random acts of kindness while traveling. 

After the 4 hour flight I finally touched down on Suvarnabhumi International Airport. Thailand was delayed y an hour from PH time. The international airport of Thailand was better than I expected, better than NAIA 3. I haven't been to other airports yet but I can say that Suvarnabhumi was a sight in itself. I've read that in 2010 Suvarnabhumi International Airport was ranked 10 in the world's best airports but dropped to 25 recently. If this was 25 then all of the airports that are ahead of it must be exceptional. The architecture was a mix of Thai and modern design which made it charming in its own right. I'm no expert in architecture but the airport was simply excellent. There were restaurants and all kinds of stores inside the airport. The subway in the airport was the most impressive because this made traveling to the city and to the airport not only convenient but cheaper, say goodbye to those taxi drivers who charge exorbitant prices for taking you to your hotel or to the airport. 

The hotel I stayed in for the first night was Thong Ta Resort. The hotel was conveniently located just 10 minutes from the airport. My room cost $23.74 (approximately P970) but it included breakfast and airport transfers. Slept early so that I can get an early start in the morning to wander around Bangkok.



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