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Cafe Juanita

I'm no foodie or expert when it comes to food but I know that when something tastes good I'd want to get more servings. The only comments I can give you about food are limited to "it tastes good", "it is sweet", "I like it" and other variations of these phrases. If you are looking for eloquence when it comes to food and its ingredients you've come to the wrong place. But I can share with you the prices of the food we ate when we ate at Cafe Juanita in Burgos Circle, Bonifacio Global City.

Whenever I scour the Web for restaurants to eat in I find it hard to find out how much the food costs because the posts or articles about the place discussed the food but rarely the price of the items. Yes, I know that the food was quite delectable but I also like to know how much it cost.

So here's a quick rundown of the food we ate when we went to Cafe Juanita and some comments like "I like this dish", "I think it's delicious", "I think its yummy" and so on and so forth:

Catfish Mango Salad P288
 This dish was sour yet sweet which hit the spot just right for an appetizer. 

Crispy Pork Binagoongan P367
This dish was delicious. 

Chicken Pandan P297
This dish was good.

Kalbi Chim P297

Chicken Mozzarella P295

Crispy Pata P664
This dish was good for the mouth but bad for the heart. The rice at Cafe Juanita cost P55 per order (the rice was probably made of some fine ingredients, hence the price). Too bad we missed the house specialty of Beef Caldereta. It's safe to say that you need to bring around P1,000 if you decide to eat here, and more if you are in a big group.


  1. omy! forever love crispy pata!! im dying to have one, one of this days!!! kaso wla aq mkita here sa MY. yumyum food there!

  2. It's quite pricey! It's ideal to just have few entrees then just share for the payment. That way, it will be less heartache. :D

    I've tried Chicken Pandan and I'm curious about Kalbi Chim.. :D

  3. A bit pricey but for the size of serving. But I hope it would be tasty.

  4. I like the ambiance at Cafe Juanita. It's very homey and the foods are also delicious.

  5. I would love to try chicken mozarella and chicken pandan. Both look awesome

  6. i got curious with the taste of CHicken Pandan. what if food in net can also be tasted eh noh? then it would not be hard for us to surf and then dine. hahaha. such a crazy idea..

  7. love those foods looks so yummy! i love the taste of chicken pandan but what is kalbi chim? i'm curious,

  8. @Anneille: Kalbi Chim is a popular Korean beef dish

  9. Not really familiar with Kalbi Chim but I wanna try it. The Catfish Mango Salad looks yummy too. :) I want. :)

  10. When it comes to Filipino restaurants, crispy pata is always present! I believe it's also the most-ordered dish.

  11. I can take some of those foods in a TIKIM mode. Might shoot up my BP if I consume all of 'em especially the PATA.