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Sagada Adventures

I decided to join Project Dora on their trip to Sagada. I've wanted to go to Sagada since the start of 2012 and I finally have my chance. The trip to Sagada was an adventure in itself the zigzagging roads and the cliff hanger moments will fill your thirst for adventure. The ride took us around 13 hours to just get to Sagada. But we decided to stop in Baguio for breakfast and went to Halsema Highway.

Halsema Highway

After the long and arduous journey we finally arrived in Sagada.

Residential Lodge

We stayed in Residential Lodge for 2 nights during our stay in Sagada.

On our first day we decided to taste the food that Sagada has to offer. We went to Lemon Pie House and Ysagada Cafe.

Kusina Ysagada
I was not able to take pictures of the food but the food costs somewhere around P120+++.

Lemon Pie House

If you're in Sagada you should definitely eat the lemon and egg pie that they offer. You can buy one for P25 and a whole pie costs P180.

After the mini food trip we decided to visit some of the sights in Sagada.

We also visited Echo Valley and the Hanging Coffins.

Echo Valley
As its name implies, this is the valley where you can scream your lungs out.

Hanging Coffins
The Hanging Coffins were a sight to behold because of its cultural context. The Igorot tribes buried their dead and left them hanging on cliffs in different parts of the mountain. The thieves and hoodlums are buried further down where there is little to no light. You will need to do some minor trekking to visit the Hanging Coffins or you can view them from afar from Echo Valley.

Our stay in Sagada was not complete without joining in on the festivities during the Bonfire Festival. The festival was a good way to dive into the culture of the Igorots in Sagada. The festival celebrated the culture of Sagadans and the tour guides. The night was filled with cultural dances and local dishes.

The speaker invited everyone to visit Sagada and ask their friends to come too and I'll definitely oblige him.


  1. Makes me wanna visit Sagada to. Maybe this 2013. Woot!

  2. I want to go to that highest point either running or biking to that area.

  3. My husband wanted to visit Sagada but I'm so scared of the zigzag and cliffhanger road. Is it really scary?