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Conquering Mountains: Mt. Talamitam

I have set my sights on another mountain for the weekend that mountain is Mt. Talamitam in Nasugbu, Batangas. It was only a day trip but the hike was exciting and the sights were amazing. We took the bus to Brgy. Bayabasan for P124.

Mt. Talamitam
We walked for a few minutes to find the jump-off point at the base of the mountain. We hired a local guide to help us get up and down the mountain, the guide costs P300. 

Mt. Talamitam
At the start of the trek we were briefed about how some climbers had to be rescued because of heat stroke. After walking for a few minutes we began to understand why.

The trek to the peak
Mt. Talamitam was bare and had little to no shade unlike its sister mountain, Mt. Batulao which was filled with trees and tall grass.

Mt. Talamitam
We were fortunate that the wind was blowing fiercely to provide us respite from the scorching sun. Without the strong winds we would've been dehydrated or worse heat stroked.

View from the peak

Mt. Talamitam

Mt. Talamitam
Mt. Talamitam provided us with a great view of rolling hills, plains, the countryside, and different kinds of plants and grass.

Just chilling and enjoying the view
Another just chilling pose by a ledge

Hiking is best experienced with friends and new found friends. Conquering another mountain was a fulfilling experience.

How to get to Mt. Talamitam:
Go to MRT Taft Station then ride the bus bound for Nasugbu and tell the driver you'll get down at Brgy. Bayabasan. 

Bus to Brgy. Bayabasan - P124
Bus to MRT Taft Station - P124
Guide Fee - P60 (P300 split with 5 people)
Total Expenses w/o Food = P308
***We brought our own food to avoid incurring additional expenses.


  1. The standing pose on the ledge just says I conquered this mountain and the one sitting is just so cool.

  2. I am afraid to climb mountain that high. The height will kill me! Wahaha.

  3. it feels like you are few steps to touch those clouds. ..and when you are on top. wow. .paradise!

  4. Wow. I used to hike with my friends while I was in Dumaguete. Nakakamiss.
    I also wanted to try Mt. Apo but I think I don't have sufficient training to overcome it. Oh well. I miss trekking.

  5. The view on top is less appreciating, since I can see that deforestation is eating up the place. Correct me if I'm wrong.

  6. Looks like a nice place to visit and hike eh? The trek to the peak photo looks kinda "dead area" for me. Lesser trees na?

  7. @Ron Leyba & Papeleng: The area looks deforested because of overgrazing by the carabaos, cows, horses, and other animals at least that's what our guide said and there's a side of the mountain that is exposed to the scorching hot sun.

  8. It must be a great view from up there. ^_^

  9. I miss trekking. After I conquered Mt. Pulag, it seems that i wanna try another one. Those scenic views are all Eyegasmic! :)

  10. Less than 500.00 Php budget!! WOW!!




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