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El Nido On Foot

I had the extra time to wander around El nido during my holiday getaway. I took the time to explore the streets, check-out the restaurants and look for different accommodations for my eventual return to the island.

The streets of El Nido had a rustic charm that is found in many of the provinces I've been to. I do hope that better infrastructure would be put into place so that the lives of the people would be lifted, but too much development can be a bad thing. And also, I hope that there would be no more power outages during 2PM to 6AM.

Eating in El Nido

As a tourist destination, El Nido has a variety of restaurants and bars, but the downside of such tourism is overpriced food. The food costs between P150 to P400 in the restaurants along Bacuit Bay. There are cheaper alternatives, the eateries around town offer food for less than P100.


These are some of the restaurants and bars along Bacuit Bay.

Accommodations in El Nido

As a tourist haven, El Nido offers a variety of accommodations for backpackers, middle class spenders, and luxury travelers. The perception that El Nido will cost an arm and a leg is misplaced. Here are some accommodations that I found while I was wandering the streets of El Nido:

Alternative Inn

Alternative Inn's bird's nest and view added value to its restaurant despite its pricey menu and average rooms. Fan ooms for two start at P1,000.

Contact details: 09178963408

Casa El Nido

You can rent a house good for 4 or more persons along Bacuit Bay. Price for the house including kitchen and bathroom costs P5,000+++ extra persons and beds cost extra.

Contact details: 09077374762

La Banane Hostel

La Banane Hostel is one of those where a lot of foreigners stay in. As I was walking past this hostel in El Nido, I could already see a lot of foreigners lounging by the bean bags by the beach and walking to and fro the entrance. Dorm room costs P350 and a private fan room for 2 costs P800. You can visit La Banane's website for more information.

Contact details: 09214113714

Marina Garden Beachfront Inn

This is another beachfront inn in Bacuit Bay. You can visit their website Marina Garden Beachfront Inn.

Contact details: 09176247722, 09088843711, mgelnido@gmail.com

Blessed Inn

This hostel is a budget inn that has fan rooms for P700-P900 per night, air-conditioned rooms cost more.

Contact details: 09284081939, 09283114211, rosenasivy@yahoo.com, blessed_inn@yahoo.com

Rovic's Pension House

This is also a beachfront pension house where you can stay in.

Contact details: 09205420695, rovicspension@yahoo.com

A Place to Remember El Nido

You can visit A Place To Remember El Nido's website for details.

Contact details: 09178491925, 09178011925, sarce_rivera@yahoo.com

La Salangane

La Salangane is located along Bacuit Bay. They have budget rooms for 2 for P1,500. You can visit La Salangane's site for more info.

Contact details: 09166486994, info@lasalangane.com

Ipil Travelodge

Visit Ipil Travelodge's website for more details.

Contact details: 09088802867, info@ipiltravelodge.com

Jhanna's Inn

Contact details: 09474524842

Estrella Pension House 

Contact details: 09125834138, 09266188382

Willa's Pension

Contact details: 09105309926

These are only some of the hostels, pension houses, and hotels that I got to get contact details from. There are plenty of options scattered all over El Nido. 

Getting to El Nido 

There is a 6 hour ride from Puerto Prinsesa to El Nido.

Eulen Joy
Contact details: 09494498858, 09266998700

Fort Wally
Contact details: 09172762875

Both companies charge between P500-P700 one way.

Read my guide here: travel guide budget and itinerary for El Nido


  1. Thanks for the recommendations! I haven't been to El Nido before, but will keep these in mind. :)

  2. Now, I really want to visit El Nido :). That's going to be my goal for next year. Thanks for sharing this. It's really different when you go around a certain place on foot, isn't it?

  3. There are a lot of cost-effective place to eat and stay in El Nido so if planned right can be an affordable one.

  4. Thank you for sharing these list of accommodations. I would surely be needing these info once I visit El Nido :)

  5. For those who are traveling in a shoestring, they can also check out Tay Miloy's Inn.
    A fan room costs 300/night only.


  6. hi!! you can go to ask to coco bar for lodging and camping tour boat !!is good

  7. Sherry Quinley24 June 2015 at 22:48

    Joshua! thank you so much for all this information! you were quite detailed and thorough... we are trying to choose between el nido and Coron. We would like to stay on a nice swimmable beach front at a mid-range lodging and we will have two small children with us a 1 1/2 year old and a 3 year old. this given which area would you recommend?