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How to Save Money for Travel

Before, I thought that travel was exclusively for the wealthy but as I surfed the Internet and read travel blogs I began to realize that you can travel on a budget and still see the best places in the country or province you will visit.

I'm no expert in budgeting but here are some of the things I do to save money for travel:
  1. I avoid buying clothes and gadgets. This is quite easy for me since I'm a no-frills guy when it comes to buying clothes, shoes, and the like. Instead of shopping for these items, I save my money for plane tickets, tours, and accommodations for the places I want to go to. For me it's not about using the latest gadgets when I travel; it's all about the experience and the people you meet.
  2. I make it a point to bring food with me when I travel. Bringing your own food to the place you will go to will save you a few extra bucks because you won't have to spend on a meal. Bringing your own breakfast food spares you from spending too much on meals.
  3. Stay at hostels. Whenever I travel solo I stay in hostel dorm rooms. Dorms room can cost less than P300 per night and saves you a huge amount of money. If you are uncomfortable with couchsurfing, hostel dorm rooms are an affordable alternative.
  4. Avoid eating at expensive restaurants. You could easily spend more than P500 a day whenever you eat at a restaurant for lunch and dinner. I don't entirely avoid eating at a restaurant but I limit it as much as possible to save more money for travel.
  5. Limit Frappes/Milk Teas/Teas because they eat up almost more than P200 each time you buy them. 
  6. Plan and book ahead. Booking those promo tickets as they come out saves you a lot of money on airfare. Traveling on a whim is only for people who don't mind spending (and movies), but for those on a tight budget planning and booking promo tickets are lifesavers.
  7. Postpone buying a car and/or real estate. These investments aren't really assets unless you're leasing or renting them out. You might regret passing up on going to Brazil because you had to pay for a car. 
These are only some of the things I do to save money for travel. I'm sure you can find other ways to save more money for that trip you always wanted to do. (If you are already making a lot of money and/or have rich parents, this list is thrown out the door). I don't have a six-figure paycheck or make more than P40,000 a month but I make it a point to travel while I'm still young. That car/gadget/clothes/things wear out in time but experiences last a lifetime <insert cliche here>, it's all about perspective. Who says you need to be a millionaire to travel?

Angkor Wat
Sit down and think about it, you might just get a different perspective.


  1. timely!!! God really led me to this post... I am sharing it with a friend!

  2. Important talaga ang budgeting when it comes to travel for practicality sake. I agree sa lahat ng namention... also, I would rather save money for a trip than buying other material things :-)

  3. "That car/gadget/clothes/things wear out in time but experiences last a lifetime"

    Couldn't agree with you more. Well apart from my ipod, I really don't know what I would do without my music. Some brilliant money saving advice ty.

  4. You are so right. The experiences we have do last a lifetime. However I think people should try to invest in a house while they are young- they're probably paying rent anyway so why not save for a deposit and then make the move to your own home.

    You can still work in a few trips by using the tips that you have graciously shared here. Get the best photos you can with an inexpensive camera. A few clothes that are easy to wash- you're all set.

  5. This is a great idea to save money. This are only some of the things I do to save money for travel. For this reason this gadget is so much help for the person who can visit any place and don't spoil his money.