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Summer's Bests 2013

June is fast approaching and summer is about to end. It was a summer filled with adventure, from the beaches of Palawan to the peaks of Batangas, summer 2013 was unforgettable for me.

Summer's Top Places to Visit

Kayangan Lake (Coron)

Kayangan Lake
Coron's Kayangan Lake was by far the most scenic lake I've seen in my short traveling career. The emerald waters, and the not-so-salty body of water was appealing to me because it didn't hurt my eyes compared to swimming in the beach. The limestone formations added to its allure.

Twin Lagoon (Coron)

Twin Lagoon
Couldn't get enough of Coron's beautiful lagoons and lakes. Twin Lagoon was as spectacular as Kayangan Lake.I could stay here all day and just float around the clear waters.

Underwater Life (Coron)

I wanted to do a whole lot more underwater activities during my stay in Coron but time and budget constraints got in the way. After seeing the beautiful underwater landscape and marine life, I was hooked. I already want to go back to Coron to experience wreck diving and some scuba as well. 

Big Lagoon (El Nido)

Big Lagoon
The wounds of the earth never looked better. The towering limestone formations of El Nido hid spectacular lagoons behind its jagged skin. Big Lagoon was a fun place to swim around in with its clear, emerald waters.

Small Lagoon (El Nido)

Small Lagoon
Another hot destination in El Nido is Small Lagoon. We had the place almost to ourselves because we made it our last stop of the day. The lagoon was surrounded by beautiful rock formations, and the deceptively shallow waters had the right temperature to swim in.

Hidden Beach (El Nido)

Hidden Beach
I liked Hidden Beach a lot because of its seclusion. It takes 40 minutes to an hour to reach it, and it is hidden behind beautiful limestone formations. True to its name Hidden Beach is a hidden gem among the islands surrounding El Nido. 

Seven Commando Beach (El Nido)

There's a lot of breathtaking landscapes in El Nido. Seven Commando Beach has a long stretch of powdery white sand and clear blue waters to swim in.

Mt. Manabu (Batangas)

Mt. Manabu
Mt. Manabu is a great climb for beginners. It's easy trail and lush forests provide cover for weary hikers looking for solace from the heat of the sun.

Starfish Island (Davao)

Starfish Island
Starfish Island was my favorite destination when my sister and I went to Samal Island in Davao. The many starfish, corals, and white sand made Starfish Island beautiful.

Maxima Aqua Fun Resort (Davao)

Sliding down a 47-meter long slide in less than 5 seconds is one exciting experience.

Philippine Eagle Conservation Center

Finally got to see the Philippine Eagle before its extinction (hopefully it doesn't go extinct).

There were more to the places I visited these were simply the highlights through my eyes. Hopefully I get to return to these places in the future. Have you booked flights yet for next year's summer adventures? Looking forward to summer 2014.

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