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Itinerary & Expenses for Cebu Trip

Swimming with the whale sharks and seeing the majestic waterfalls of south Cebu was an enjoyable experience. My solo trip for 3 days and 2 nights was too short a stay to fully enjoy south Cebu. I'm aching to go back to explore not just the south but also the entire province of Cebu.

Here's a breakdown of my expenses during my short visit to Cebu:

P600 - Overnight Anthurium Inn in Mactan
P450 - Overnight in Tan-awan
P218 - Transportation around Cebu City
P424 - Food & water
P149 - Non-aircon bus to Oslob
P60 - Aircon bus to Bato
P15 - Non-aircon bus to Ginatilan from Bato
P10 - Entrance fee to Inambakan & Bugnawan Falls
P80 - Habal-habal round trip ride to Inambakan Falls
P60 - Aircon bus to Bato from Ginatilan
P20 - Non-aircon bus to Oslob from Bato
P500 - Whale shark interaction with snorkeling gear
P140 - Trip to Tumalog Falls
P155 - Aircon bus to Cebu City from Oslob
P100 - Airport transfer                                                                   
P2,981 - Total expenses for 3 days and 2 nights trip to south Cebu

*P1,340 - Airfare and Mactan Airport terminal fee

*P4,321 - Total expenses including airfare and terminal fee

Again, you will reduce your costs depending on where you stay, where you eat, and what you do. I always try to fit in as many places as I can whenever I travel because I might not be able to return for one reason or another and I'm only staying for a short time. If I had stayed longer, I wouldn't move around so much darting from one place to another.


Day 1
Bus to Tan-awan, Oslob
Bus to Ginatilan
Inambakan Falls
Bugnawan Falls

Day 2
Whale shark interaction
Tumalog Falls
Bus to Cebu City
City tour (Magellan's Cross, Lapu-Lapu Shrine, Plaza Independencia, Fort San Pedro, Heritage Houses)

Day 3 
Flight back to Manila

Around South Cebu

The places I visited were far from each other. Cebu City to Tan-awan, Oslob takes 3 to 4 hours and from Tan-awan, Oslob to Bato and Ginatilan takes approximately 30 minutes to more than an hour of travel. Despite the distance, there are several non-aircon and aircon buses that go to these places. The last trip of the buses are at 9PM.

Accommodations in South Cebu

I really can't speak for the other accommodations in Cebu other than the ones I stayed in. Anthurium Inn is close to the airport but out of the way and hard to get to. The room I stayed in was basic and quiet it did its job for an overnight stay. You can reach them through 09228926685.

Chateau de Tan-awan was a house turned into guest house. It is owned by an American and his wife. The room I got was basic and good enough to sleep in since I was out for most of the day anyway. They also served meals for P100 breakfast and P125 dinner. The servings were large and came with dessert. There are several resorts along the highway that offer accommodations and whale shark interaction just take your pick. You can reach Chateau de Tan-awan through 09327733438 or 09232841008. Chateau de Tan-awan also offers tours to Sumilon Island and whale shark interaction for P500 each.


  1. Interesting! I've been to Cebu several times, mostly on work-related matters, but never thought of interacting with the whale sharks.

  2. 2 days in Cebu is short but with the itineraries that you've posted here, you've managed to squeeze all of them. It looks fun!

  3. I've been to Cebu only once but our stay was short and only got to a few places back then.

  4. Going to Oslob is in my bucketlist. I'm definitely going to swim with the whale sharks :)

  5. Well presented travelogue for Cebu trip, very ideal for those who love to travel and who do not access to these pieces of info.

  6. I live in Cebu for 6 years and only place I visit in the south was Kawasan Falls. I explore more of North Cebu compare to south.

  7. 4,300 is really a well managed budget. Chateau de Tam Awan also looks like a perfect place for budget travellers.

  8. I have a personal list of places I want to visit and Cebu is one of them.

  9. I've been to Cebu last month but I haven't toured the place yet. The whale watching looks very exciting! ;)

  10. I want to visit Cebu but I really don't have any idea what should I expect like budget and all. Thanks for sharing this :)

  11. I have a draft in my dashboard about my own IT for a Cebu trip. This post makes me want to work on my draft now. Lol

  12. See that?? That's the biggest fish in the world. hahaha!
    Lucky you get to see these Tukis..
    honestly I am one of those in agreement to stop chasing and feeding Whale Sharks for tourism..
    But I would say no to this If I am in Cebu.:)

  13. This is very handy, Im planning a trip to South Cebu and will make reference to this post ;)

  14. Cebu is absolutely a great place to visit, with lots of attractions. It looks you visited many areas in your tour. I'm sure you had fun!

  15. Oslob is a great place to venture. I've been in the place and wanted to go back again. Those whale sharks helped them a lot.

  16. Thank you for the information. Me And my mom will go to Cebu on Sept 14-16 and I want my mom to Experience Oslob and Bugnawan falls..

  17. Would you recommend the whale shark interaction to kids below 5 years of age? Is it safe? Thanks!

  18. @ida santos: I think it is possible but you should consult with the tour operator in Oslob to make sure it is ok. Thanks for visiting!

  19. planning to go to cebu anytime this year and will most probably follow your itinerary. thanks for this! :)

  20. will visit cebu on jn 24 thanks in your informative itinerary..

  21. My bf and i were planning to go to cebu and to be specific i want to try the whale shark interaction. Is ut possble for us just to buy airline ticket then just go there. Thats how we want or trip sana. Thanks in advance. - mhei :)

  22. "mhei: yes it's possible, take the bus from the south terminal and tell the conductor you'd like to alight at Oslob

  23. By any means do you have any contact nos for any resort that we can stay over night at oslob? We have the tickets and were planning to go ther by end of this month. Thanks much. -mhei

  24. @mhei: marami po guesthouses sa Oslob, pagbaba niyo magkakatabi lang po sila, make sure baba kayo Tan-awan, alam naman po ng conductor kung magbus kayo kung san pwede magwhale shark watching. nagstay po ako sa Chateau de Tan-awan, pwede niyo po siya contact: 09327733438 or 09232841008 :D

  25. can't wait to go there with my family. thanks for the info

  26. i have to rebook and follow ur it instead lol.

    this is my first time to visit cebu, alone.

    is there anyone whos also solo travler?

    maybe we can catch up.


  27. Visit North of Cebu - Bogo, Batanyan Island and Malapascua.

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  29. This is great. I really to really try the Canyoneering and end up to Kawasan Falls. Thanks for this.