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Wandering in Cebu City

After swimming with the whale sharks and chasing waterfall, I headed back to Cebu City to experience its many historical and cultural sights and sounds.

Cebu City and Mactan are home to many historically significant events, ancestral homes, forts, and old streets. There is a lot of history around the city of Cebu and Mactan.

Walking Tour around Cebu City & Mactan

The Chinese merchants that traded with the Philippines has strong roots in Cebu. The Yap-Sandiego Ancestral House is located in Cebu City. Trade between the Philippines and the Chinese merchants dates back to the 17th century. One of the Taipans, the Gokongweis, had their start in Cebu.

Aside from Magellan, the Spanish have strong roots in Cebu. The Gorordos are one of the prominent Spanish merchant families that lived in Cebu. There is a street named after the Gorordos.

There is also a mini park and a large sculpture that depicted the history of Cebu from the friars to wars to Lapu Lapu's victory against the Spanish conquistadors.

Magellan's Cross is one of the more prominent landmarks in Cebu. There were several local and foreign tourists flocking to this site. Around the Cross is several old churches that are a lasting legacy that the Spaniards have left not only in Cebu but in the entire country.

Plaza Independencia and Fort San Pedro are one of the places you can visit while in Cebu City. Fort San Pedro is one of the oldest forts built in the Philippines.

Lapu-Lapu Shrine is located in Mactan Island which is a 30-40 minute drive from the city depending on traffic.

Lapu-Lapu and his stalwarts were successful in thwarting Magellan's forces during a fierce battle in 1521. His shrine was erected to showcase the bravery of the Filipinos.

Cebu City and Mactan is teeming with history. There are several old streets dating back to earlier than the Spanish period, ancestral homes, old trading ports, and other historically significant places.

Two Thumbs Up for Handuraw Pizza

I got to eat some very good tasting pizza from Handuraw. The pizza I ordered was tinapa and sisig. My friend and I chose to half and half the flavors to get to try both. The thin crust and unique flavor of the pizza was a great combination. The spicy sisig didn't need any more hot sauce to add flavor to it. Handuraw Pizza is located in 460 Gorordo Avenue, Barangay Kamputhaw, Cebu City.

Handuraw is near UP and has a live band for music lovers. Pica-pica costs P150+++ and the pizza costs P250+++.

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