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The Temples of Bagan

By On September 25, 2013
Bagan has been on my mind since I saw pictures of it online. I wanted to experience walking inside and climbing up its temples.

I took the overnight regular bus from Yangon to Bagan for 15,000 kyats. Since the bus station was far from the city, I hired a cab to take me to the station for another 7,000 kyats. The bus was ok and cold at night. There was a stopover at a local restaurant for dinner and bathroom break. There was also a free water bottle and toothbrush for passengers. The 9-hour ride passed by quickly, I was now in Bagan.

Burmese Days: Exploring Yangon

By On September 23, 2013
The cityscape of Yangon was not only limited to towering Pagodas. There were also remnants of the country's old colonial past, and religious buildings that hinted at the country's multiculturalism. I was aching to explore the streets of Yangon more.

Burmese Days: Facing the Unexpected

By On September 18, 2013

I have only heard stories about Burma. I had only seen its streets, met its people, and experienced its culture through the dreams and words of others. When I applied for a visa, I didn't think that I would be traveling to this secluded country by myself. Like most of my journeys, I decided not to set any expectations for this enigmatic country. I did a little research on the things I needed to know before I entered Burma, but after that I did little else.

I wanted this country to surprise me.

Tuna Festival '13

By On September 16, 2013
It was a coincidence that I was in General Santos City for the Tuna Festival. I had no idea it was going to be on the dates I was going to be in Saranggani. So I decided to join in on the festivities while I was in General Santos City.

Residencia Heneral: The Budget Traveler's Choice

By On September 11, 2013
It was a coincidence that I ended up in General Santos City just in time for the Tuna Festival. When I booked my flight last year, I did not know that the dates I will be in General Santos coincided with the Tuna Festival. I looked for a good place to see the festival and is accessible to markets, transportation, and places to visit in the city. As a budget-conscious traveler, I did not want to spend a lot of money on accommodations, because I'll be gone most of the day anyway. I needed a comfortable place to stay and decent Internet connection because I worked online. I found Residencia Heneral and was happy that they had all the things I needed for a budget trip.

The price of the rooms were affordable and just right for wanderers like myself. The Internet connection was only at the reception but it was good enough for what I needed. I was able to work online, upload pictures, and update my social media sites.

Here are the prices of the rooms:

Mountain Log Resort: Relaxing in Lake Sebu, South Cotabato

By On September 09, 2013
Lake Sebu was one of the places I wanted to go to because of its beautiful countryside, rich culture, ecotourism, and great weather. I looked for a good place to stay in that was affordable and had good Wi-Fi connection. I found the accommodation that provided me with what I needed. Lake Sebu Mountain Log Resort had a great view of the lake and the countryside.

Eats Amazing Hanoi!

By On September 07, 2013
Eating local cuisines is part of the whole adventure to other countries. During my visit to Vietnam, I got to taste some local dishes in some of the restaurants around Hanoi's Old Quarter.

You won't run out of places to eat because Hanoi's Old Quarter offers street food, food ala-carinderia (Filipino readers can relate to this), mid-priced restaurants, and high-priced restaurants. I'll be reviewing two of the restaurants I managed to eat in during my stay in Hanoi.

Mixed Rice

Itinerary and Expenses for Hanoi, Vietnam

By On September 02, 2013
Vietnam is a rising country that is seeing a lot of changes happening now and the foreseeable future. Vietnam is also rich in culture and history, I wouldn't mind coming back in the near future.

Here are my expenses during my trip to Vietnam:



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