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Food Tripping Melaka

Malacca was not only rich in terms of history, but their food also had its own story to tell.

Nyonya Laksa
I tried the food on the street along Jonker Street, the famous Jonker 88 restaurant, and the Nyonya food in Nancy's Kitchen.

Not Just a Dish

The Babas and Nyonyas in Malacca left behind more than just commerce, they also left dishes that were distinctly theirs.

Nyonya Laksa

Nyonya Laksa
The Nyonya laksa was one of the dishes I tried during my stay in Melaka. The laksa had a nice, spicy kick to it. The spicy taste gave a wonderful sensation in my mouth.

Chicken Noodle Rendang
The Babas and Nyonyas like their dishes spicy, the Baba chicken rendang was just as spicy as the laksa. I'm not really a fan of spicy food, but these two dishes were quite good.
Chicken Candlenut
I ate two dishes during my visits to Nancy's Kitchen in Malacca. The two dishes were chicken candlenut and the curry. The curry was delicious! The sauce and the chicken exploded with flavors when I took my first slurp and bite of the chicken. The curry wasn't thick, it was smooth and spicy which went well with the rice. I liked the curry so much I decided to have it again when I returned to Nancy's Kitchen.

The other dish I had was also delicious. The nuts and sauce mixed with the chicken were flavorful and had a light spicy yet sweetish kick to it. Nyonya food was by far the best type of food I ate during my stay in Malacca. The Nyonya and Peranakan dishes told the rich history of the settlers during Malacca's heyday. Aside from leaving behind influence and architecture, the Babas and Nyonyas left wonderful dishes that managed to spread to the different states in Malaysia and in some corners of the world.

Chicken Satay
The other notable dish that I was supposed to try during my stay in Malacca was the chicken satay. The well-known restaurant that was earmarked on maps had an extremely long line so my new found friend from Korea and I decided to head to Jonker Street to find chicken satay. Fortunately, we ran into a restaurant at the end of Jonker Street to satiate our craving for chicken satay. The chicken satay was just like barbecue with a fancy name to it. The sauce was quite good but spicy, most dishes in Southeast Asia are quite spicy except for my homeland the Philippines, and Vietnam.

A visit to Malacca would be incomplete without tasting the famous chicken rice balls. The chicken rice balls dish was good, but my taste buds failed to sense anything special about them. It just so happens that the rice was turned into rice balls instead of the usual form.

Going to Malacca without eating cendol would be a travesty! This icy creation was good especially the mango, palm sugar, and coconut milk! There are other variations of this popular dessert, but my favorite is mango cendol.

I forget what these lollipop like desserts were called, but I liked them nonetheless. I'm no food connoisseur, but I enjoy good food when I get some.

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  1. my stomach always starves every time i go blog hopping. you can't blame me, the food in the pictures are appetizing.