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Melaka Trip Itinerary & Expenses

I traveled slowly when I went on my six week trip to three different countries in Southeast Asia that's why I ended up staying in Malacca for a week.

Malacca was an interesting place to visit, especially for a first timer like me.


Malaysian Ringgit

21 - Larkin to Melaka
20 - Transportation
90 - River View Guesthouse
45 - Rooftop Guesthouse
133.2 - Food & Water
15 - River Cruise
18.5 - Laundry
12 - Baba & Nyonya Museum
5 - Museums Fee
2 - Melaka Sultanate Palace
4.5 - Postcards
13.5 - Bus to KL                    
379.7 - Total Expenses

Malacca on my Mind

I traveled at a significantly slower pace compared to my usual trips. I ended up staying for around a week in Malacca before heading to Kuala Lumpur. Malacca is a nice, small yet historical town to stay in. I liked walking down the streets amidst old buildings and artwork by the river. It is unlike the provincial cities back home. Some of the older buildings within the heritage town were renovated and turned into museums, guesthouses, and cafes, while others were left in disrepair. The food was delicious no question about it. You could give Malacca a max of three days to cover most of the places to see. You could pass on the river cruise, I didn't find it impressive, but for the experience it's worth a shot.

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  1. I love reading articles like this. I am a frugal traveler so I always check out on other people's itinerary and expenses.