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Maldives Escapade: Exploring the City & Hulhumale

After soaking up the sun in one of the Maldive's resorts, exploring the city and the nearby islands was on top of the list of things to do.


Right after landing, my friend and I rushed to the public ferry to get to Male City. Since we didn't want to rent a speedboat to get to Maafushi directly, we had to get to Male City to catch the last public ferry ride to Maafushi. The ferry from the airport to Male City costs $1 USD and the ferry from Vilinghili Terminal to Maafushi costs $2 USD, the price is cheaper if you have Maldivian Rufiah. The ferry ride to Maafushi took around two hours.

The island of Maafushi reminded me of the province back home, very laid back and simple. Since Maldives is an Islamic country, the women were covered from head to toe.

Arena Beach

Arena Beach
We went to Maafushi's only beach to catch the sunset. Island life here was slow and relaxed. Most of the budget travelers stayed here and just day toured the resorts nearby. The island is also home to a prison. A lot of 'budget' accommodations are being developed on this island. Thankfully, the Maldivians are now allowed to construct their own hotels and guesthouses rather than just foreigners and foreign companies buying islands and building resorts.

Male City

The city was quite small and can be explored on foot within a few hours. Most people used bikes and motorcycles instead of cars. Taxis are also a common form of transportation for tourists. Taxis cost $1 to $3 USD to anywhere in the city.


I went to another beach on another island, Hulhumale. The white sand was not as fine in the resort I visited, but the waters were the same.

There was a lot of construction being done on this island. More apartments, guesthouses, hotels, and restaurants are being developed.

I was able to taste this spicy Maldivian dish while on Hulhumale, I don't remember what it was called but it was fish.


  1. back packing.. and maldives at that..
    Who wouldn't want to try to set foot in the Carribean.
    I'd like to try this soon. :)

  2. It must really be exciting to see so many places. Would you personally recommend a trip to Maldives?

  3. Fascinating beaches to explore. The city seems quite peaceful. When is the best time to visit this paradise?

  4. Maldives looks absolutely beautiful. It's just one of those places that I feel like I need to experience. And the fish dish looks absolutely appetizing! :)

  5. More and more Pinoys are visiting Pinoy and just seeing the photos gives me an idea why they love Maldives.

  6. Wow Maldives, how's the whole place? Is it beautiful? :)

  7. It reminds me of a lot of towns in the Philippines! Are the white sand beaches the same like Boracay you think? And do you need a visa to get there?

    - Karen

  8. Wow! That's a wonderful trip for you :) Wish I could also explore Maldives! Hoping for more travels for you this year.

  9. Even at the beach proper, Muslim women need to be also covered from head to toe? Whoa.

  10. It's refreshing to read a travel post about Maldives that's not too luxurious and fancy. :)

  11. WOW! Maldives is one of the places in my bucket list. I hope I could visit it too someday.