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Recovering in Cagayan de Oro City

It was the first time I got really sick while traveling it also didn't help that I was traveling by myself. I could barely get out of bed and felt cold even if the air conditioning was off. I could barely move and it was extremely difficult to get out of bed to buy food and medicines. I was in Bukidnon the day before, I didn't have a jacket, it was really cold, and it started to rain, maybe all of these things led to me getting sick. I was in bed for two days and it took multiple doses of C24/7 and meds to get me back on track.

Plaza Divisoria

Because of the sick days, I managed to visit just a few places in CDO. I didn't book a river rafting tour because I was by myself. Giving myself a high five after conquering a raging river is not as fun as doing it with friends. I decided to walk around Plaza Divisoria the day I felt much better, and right before I left for Camiguin.

There were monuments that were dedicated to national and local heroes alike in Plaza Divisoria. The monuments were a good reminder of how we, as Filipinos, should not forget the past and how much blood was shed to free our country from oppressors. Plaza Divisoria is flanked by numerous restaurants and businesses.

St. Augustine Cathedral

The Philippines never runs out of European-style churches that date back more than a hundred years. Churches here are like Buddhist temples in other parts of Southeast Asia, they are omnipresent even in the most far-flung areas and the smallest of town.

I decided to visit the St. Augustine Cathedral because of its historical significance in CDO's history. The old church was constructed in 1634.

The numerous wars from invading Spanish and Maranao armies led to the burning and reconstruction of the cathedral over several decades. After World War II, the church was rebuilt yet again following Gothic-inspired architecture.

What caught my attention were the beautifully made stained glass windows inside the church. Too bad I got sick. I wanted to explore more of Cagayan de Oro and other places outside the city, maybe next time.

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  1. Hi Joshua, sorry to hear that you are not feeling well that time but some of the pictures you've taken were one of my favorites. It's not a waste for you because you produce this one though you're not feeling well. Hope you can back to the city and this time with your friends so that you can now try water rafting.