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The Pristine Beaches of Dinagat Islands

I never knew that Dinagat Islands would have a lot to offer tourists. Since I knew very little about this province in my own country, I didn't have any expectations, which worked to my favor.

Biray-Biray Beach & Rock Formation

After visiting Cab-ilan, my next destination Biray-Biray beach and rock formation.

My favorite island during my island hopping trip in Dinagat was Biray-Biray. The beach had a long stretch of fine white sand and the water was clear blue! There were also rock formations along the shore.

I was accompanied by Kuya Jojo and his son. The trip was also their first time to visit these islands.

I was really happy that I had these islands practically to myself. Biray-Biray managed to retain its raw beauty with little to no signs of people throwing waste around. I saw a handful, but they were a few scraps here and there, probably garbage washed ashore that was from the other towns.

Who wouldn't to stay in a semi-deserted tropical island like this? One could just lay around, swim or do nothing the entire day.

This strip of rocks just off the shore of the beach reminded me of a crocodile's back.

Bita-og Island

The last stop during my island hopping trip in Dinagat is Bita-og Beach. It's not as big as Biray-Biray but it's nice in its own way.

Lalaking Bukid
We passed by lalaking bukid on the way to Bita-og Beach. The mountain takes on the shape of a sleeping man, Prince Gat, the lover of Princess Dina both of which are mythical figures in Dinagat. I was not able to see babaeng bukid (shape of a woman, Princess Dina) because it was in another part of the island.

cottage rent starts at P700

Though small in size, Bita-og was a nice beach to relax in. The waters changed hues from blue to emerald.

The karst mountains reminded me of the beaches I went to in El Nido and Coron.

No people!!!

The perfect way to end the trip, doing nothing on the beach.

Looks familiar?

I was pleasantly surprised at what I discovered in Dinagat. The islands I went to were deserted and pristine, maybe because it was a weekday, but still hardly anyone on the beach and little to no signs of development!

How to Get to Dinagat Islands

Ride a ferry from Surigao City to Dinagat Islands. The ferry ride is P100 one way, and the trip takes 1:30. The last ferry leaves for San Jose, Dinagat Islands at 2PM. There are times when the ferry leaves much later, at 4PM, or earlier to reach full boat capacity. I arrived at the port at 1PM and waited until 4PM before the ferry left. Make sure to board the ferry bound for San Jose because there is another ferry that goes to Dinagat, which is another town. I rented a boat to get to these islands for P1,500 from Kuya Jojo.


Kuya Jojo - 09996686293 for boat and habal-habal rental
Pink Lodge - 09468286392


  1. glad you enjoyed Dinagat. one of my favorite places in the Phils.

  2. @love mindanao: ganada doon halos wala tao mga beach bukod sa mga locals haha

  3. There's almost like no other people in the island. Are you sure you didn't reserve the whole beach to yourself? Hehe lucky you've found a pristine one to relax.

  4. Biray Biray beach reminds me of the beaches in Mati Davao Oriental. The beaches there are also semi-deserted except for the Dahican beach which is famous for surfing. I want to discover more about Dinagat.

  5. A very placid place to stay on vacation. Like the lear water and rok formations.

  6. I wanna go there! not much people! I love it! Pristine talaga!

  7. Your never fail to give us amazing pictures! :))) The place looks so good and I can see that you really had fun

  8. Another great place to visit in Mindanao. Love the pristine blue water and the serene atmosphere the place emulates.

  9. I'd like to try a secluded island like Dinagat island as its raw beauty and still pristine.

  10. I would love to just relax in this island: No WiFi but plenty of food for me to eat! But my feet is always itching to explore further on the island and take a dip on the beach! :D

  11. i remember one of our friends mentioned dinagat island. if only i've known the place would be this great, i'd never think twice of going there.

  12. I believe not having too high expectations works because we get to enjoy what we actually experience.

  13. Your photos of this island make me want to cancel all my plans for the next week and go there! Gosh. I think I need some time at the beautiful beaches in Dinagat..

  14. OMG! This place is amazingly beautiful. White sand and clear waters! At walang katao-tao ha. :)