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The Cave Temples of Ipoh

I stayed way too long in Ipoh City. Didn't plan on staying for a week but I needed a temporary base to work and I just didn't want to move around from place to place anymore since I was about to fly to Krabi, Thailand after my week long stay in Malaysia. So there I was thinking of places to visit in Ipoh, then I came across the cave temples while browsing online.

Perak Tong Cave Temple

This cave temple is one of the most nostalgic landmarks of Ipoh City, the cave is situated just 6km north of the city's center.

The cave temple was founded by husband and wife Chong Sen Yee in 1926. Chong and his wife hailed from Guangdong, China and one of the many Chinese seeking their fortune in Malaysia during the ore trade boom.

As I entered and walked inside the cave temple, I saw various paintings that were inspired by Chinese art and architecture.

There were also quite a number of Buddhist relics scattered inside the cave temple.

The cave temple's art, murals, and architecture blended well with the natural beauty of the cave. It was quite an experience wandering inside the temple, it was serene and relaxing inside the temple.

There are 540 concrete steps that led up the temple's peak. I had plenty of time to kill so I decided to climb the stairs.

There really wasn't much to see once I made it atop the cave temple. There was a statue of Buddha and a so-so overlooking view of Ipoh City.

How to Get to Perak Tong

You don't have to hire a taxi to take you to the temple. You can ride the bus to Kuala Kangsar and tell the conductor you'd like to alight at the entrance to Perak Tong Cave Temple. The fare to the cave temple costs MYR 1.5 one way.

Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple 

Sam Poh Tong is another impressive cave temple you can visit while in Ipoh City.

Sam Poh Tong is a Chinese Buddhist Temple that was discovered in 1912. The temple was built and developed within a limestone cave.

I liked Sam Poh Tong's gardens, it was quite peaceful walking just outside and inside the cave temple.

Turtles wandering around one of the sections of the cave temple.

I took my sweet time wandering inside the cave temple.

There were other cave temples near Sam Poh Tong and Perak Tong, but these two are the most popular. The other cave temples are also worth visiting, if you have the time to explore them.

How to Get to Sam Poh Tong

You don't have to rent a car or taxi to take you to Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple. You can ride the bus bound for Kampar (local bus 66) for MYR 1.5. Tell the driver or conductor you'd like to alight near Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple.

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  1. How beautiful! Especially like the little fish flitting around in the water, and the final picture with the temple - so colorful :)