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Beach Bumming in Phuket

I was too lazy (and too broke) to do much of anything while in one of the most (if not the most) expensive island I've visited during my trip around Southern Thailand. So I decided to do nothing and think about the meaning of life while beach bumming in Phuket.

The Beach Life


Before I went to Phuket I always thought that it was only a small island, like Boracay. But once the bus parked at the bus station. I realized that it was MUCH bigger. The area where my hostel was, was another 30-40 km from the station. It was getting dark and I was running out of public transportation options. You really can't trust asking some of the locals in Thailand, they'd want to make money out of you, as soon as they know you're either unaware of the options or new to the place.

Luckily, I talked with a couple from Brazil who happened to have a house in Phuket. We split the payment for the mini-van, and later the husband offered to give me a ride till I find a motorcycle taxi willing to take me to Kata, faith in humanity restored (as the expression goes)! The husband was nice enough to give me a ride halfway to Kata until we managed to find a motorcycle taxi to take me to Kata's center.

I found myself lounging around the beach the day after the almost-stranded-debacle at the bus station. The beach was OK. I spent quite some time doing nothing here and contemplating about life.

I chose not to stay in Patong because I've heard it's the sleazier part of Phuket. I liked Kata, it was laid back and had everything you need to enjoy a short holiday in Phuket.

I never got tired of eating mango pancakes, with or without Nutella on it! Best dessert food I've had in Thailand although a bit pricier compared to the ones I had in Krabi.

Karon Beach

There was another beach which was, if I remember correctly, 20-25 minutes from Kata beach. Karon Beach looked like the ideal place to go surfing. As it was monsoon season during my visit, the waves were perfect for riding.

Phuket was definitely more expensive compared to Krabi. I've seen plenty of high end resorts and condominiums the first few minutes I was on the island. It seemed like the government is turning Phuket into a high end destination for expats who want to live and retire in a tropical island. I only stayed for a couple of days on the island before heading to Ko Phi Phi to see Maya Bay.

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