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At The Highest Peak in Thailand: Doi Inthanon National Park

I was intrigued of going to the highest peak in Thailand. So in one of the days I was in Chiang Mai, I decided to head to the highest peak in the country.

Doi Inthanon National Park

Doi Inthanon is Thailand's highest peak measuring 2565m above sea level. The mountain was formerly named Doi Angka, and now bears the shortened version of the name of Chiang Mai's last king, King Inthawichayanon. The national park covers an area of 48240 hectares and offers un-Thai like temperatures during the cool season, with lows that plummet to -8 degrees Celsius.

Our crew of tourists were taken to waterfalls in the park. This waterfall was Watchirathan Waterfall. The furious flow of water go some of us wet despite being a few good meters away from the fall. But fresh water was quite refreshing after being stuck in a car for an hour or so. This waterfall has an accumulated height of 80m.

My vision of going up mountains was unlike what I've experienced going up Doi Inthanon. The tour took us to the park's various attractions up and down a paved road. Thailand has clearly made it easier for tourists of any age and physical condition enjoy its wonders without much hassle. Back home, you'd have to climb up inclines that would induce cramps and go through untamed forests.

The other waterfall that was on the list was Sirithan Waterfall. The waterfall is about 40m high and originates from the Mae Klang River.

It was really cold and rainy during our visit

Just before reaching the summit of the mountain, I saw two monuments. The monuments were barely visible as I made my way up the stairs. The two monuments (Phra Mahathat Naphamenthanidon and Nophamethanidon) were constructed by the Royal Thai Air Force to mark the 60th birthdays of the King and Queen in 1989 and 1992.

There were elaborate carvings on the walls of the monuments.

As in various parts of Thailand, the picture of the King and Queen is omnipresent.

Woohoo! Made it to the roof of Thailand without breaking a sweat! Don't be deceived, it was really cold when we went up to the marker. I immediately put my jacket on as soon as the picture was taken.

I liked the ambiance atop the mountain. It was cool, frosty, and mossy all over the place. You could see droves of tourists moving in and out of the mountain. You really can't tell that you are already at the highest peak in Thailand, because the tourists had their babies, small children, and grandparents in tow. The paved road up the mountain made this an accessible tourist attraction.

The last stop was the small village made up of local ethnic groups. The villagers sold hand made and woven souvenirs. These small villages are often included in tour packages. It's nice to know that these small and local villages are getting the attention of tourists and the government. Rather than be beggars in big cities, at least they don't have to leave the comforts of home and family to make ends meet.

*The saleslady gave the tour to me for only 900 Baht, even if the actual price was 1000 Baht (and what they put on the receipt), yehey for discounts!


  1. I just was 2007 meters above sea level yesterday and this one is way higher. They have a combination of natural and historical attractions here.

  2. Wow! great adventure na naman bro. Love those photos and hope makapunta rin ako riyan.

  3. Man, I miss hiking! Congrats on doing a good job. Its very high as well, Kind of envious of the view. I want to see it myself.

  4. Haven't seen such beautiful places in my entire life. Lucky you! Hopefully soon, I can visit places like Doi Inthanon

  5. Such an interesting place to visit. I especially like the idea of including these small villages in tour packages to provide the right exposure to their products.

  6. I have never been in Chiang Mai and I think that one of the destinations that I will visit is the highest peak as well.

  7. This part of Thailand is far from the urban Thailand I know of. The two waterfalls looked so serene and refreshing after going up to the mountains.

  8. I love Chiang Mai, I visited most tourist spots there except for this..:)

  9. I've been to Thailand but never went here. So many places I missed!

  10. What a beautiful place! I have not been to Chiang Mai and would love to hike this place too. The waterfalls are amazing!

  11. There is much to see when trekking in the North, ranging from the orchid farms and botanical gardens along the Mae Sa Valley to the towering splendour of Doi Inthanon, Thailand's highest mountain and the villages of the hill people and the handicraft centres of Sankhamphaeng where local artisans work in silk, cotton, wood and silver. Thailand's national parks are usually accessible by road, and the most popular of these, Khao Yai, is just a three-hour drive from Bangkok. https://doubletakesblog.com/2018/06/chiang-mai-doi-inthanon-local-guide.html Khao Yai attracts a large number of visitors with its scenic beauty and abundant plant and animal life.