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Itinerary & Expenses for Cambodia Trip

I stayed for a week during my second visit to Cambodia. This time around I visited Battambang and Phnom Penh. I was unable to visit these two places during my first trip to Cambodia.

Cambodia (Phnom Penh & Battambang) Budget Guide


10 - Bus to Battambang from Poi Pet station
10 - 2 nights at Chhaya Hotel
3 - Killing Cave fee
5 - Bamboo train ride
13.15 - Food & water
15 - Transportation
6 - Bus to Phnom Penh   

62.15 - Total

Phnom Penh

2.5 - Transportation
8 - Tuol Sleng & Killing Fields transportation
6 - 1 night at Me Mates Hostel
25.2 - 4 nights at Lovely Jubbly Hostel
6.5 - Royal Palace fee
31.85 - Food & water
3 - Killing Fields fee
2 - Tuol Sleng fee
2.5 - Laundry
14 - Bus to Ho Chi Minh via Mekong Express
101.55 - Total

Battambang is one of the most laid back cities I have visited in Southeast Asia. It really didn't feel like I was in a city during my stay in Battambang. It reminded me of the cities in the Philippines because of its laid back nature. Phnom Penh was more chaotic but was far more developed. Phnom Penh is the country's center for business. There are more shopping areas, restaurants, hotels, and also the bad stuff that goes with development in a 3rd world country.

Cambodia is one of the cheapest countries I have visited and has good value accommodation for budget travelers like myself. Although I did spend around $24 per day, it mostly went to transportation and attraction fees. I wanted to do and see as much as I can during my first trip to these places, you could always significantly reduce your expenses by carefully picking which places to go to. I already visited Siem Reap and the ruins of Angkor during my first trip to Cambodia. You can check my itinerary and expenses for that trip here: http://www.thewanderingjuan.net/2013/02/itinerary-expenses-in-siem-reap-cambodia.html.

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  1. I'd like to visit Cambodia someday. It's one of those countries whose culture is well preserved.