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The Laid Back Vibe & Old Colonial Charm of Battambang

I knew little of Battambang when I rode the bus from Poipet to this unassuming town. When I first arrived at the town center, I knew that it was a laid back town that I would love to stay in.

Laid Back Battambang

The province of Battambang was established by the Khmer empire in the 11th century. Battambang is recognized as the leading rice producer of the country. Battambang is also of strategic importance because it links Cambodia to Thailand.

Battambang is such a laid back city that made me feel like I was in a province despite the flow of cars and motorcycles, and the fact that Battambang is supposed to be a commercial hub that connects the main city of Phnom Penh with Thailand. The easy atmosphere of the city helped me relax after going through immigration after crossing the border from Thailand to Poipet. Even the people in the city had an easy going air about them.

As a former colony of the French, Battambang has a nice touch of old French colonial architecture in different parts of the town. The locals in Battambang didn't beg nor were too eager to ask help or get business from the few tourists that made their way into the sleepy town. I liked not being harassed or asked money from by locals, it was a definite plus!

My new found friends and I got to see the locals in their daily way of life while in the province. We got to see how they used rice and fish as their sources of income. It reminded me of so many provinces back home in the Philippines wherein people did what they can to make a living and feed their families.

I met two ladies from France whom I got to travel with during my stay in Battambang. Traveling solo isn't too bad when you are able to make new friends in the process. It was fun exploring a new place with strangers (turned friends) every now and then.

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