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Da Nang's Marble Mountain

It took another overnight bus from Nha Trang to finally get to Hoi An, my target destination. Before I explored the UNESCO-listed heritage town, a new found friend and I decided to head to Marble Mountain in Da Nang.

Marble Mountain

My friend and I accidentally passed by Marble Mountain because the place did not fit our idea of 'mountain'. Marble mountain was more like a gigantic karst rock rather than a mountain, but after making a quick u-turn we found the place and decided to take the elevator up and down to save time.


There were well laid out gardens in different parts of the mountain. The lush gardens created a serene atmosphere for visitors looking for a relaxing spot amidst the chaos happening in Da Nang City. Despite the huge crowds visiting the mountain, you can always find a quiet place to sit in and enjoy nature and the beautiful overlooking views of the city.


Marble Mountain has plenty of Buddhist temples and grottoes for devout followers. Some of the temples date back to the 1800s. 

I was impressed as to how the temples were preserved throughout the years and through the wars Vietnam has been a part of.


I was more eager to explore the many caves in Marble Mountain. There were quite a few exquisite carvings inside the caves, there were also temples and altars inside them.

Local and foreign tourists paid their respects to their gods as they entered some of the caves in the mountain.

The last cave we entered was the most impressive. It was huge and had some altars, temples, and marble statues. There was also a beam of light that fell inside the cave which was quite beautiful. A lot of local tourists also go on photo shoots in the mountain.

*We paid VND45,000 each for the round trip elevator and admission fee to Marble Mountain.

Beach Escape

When my friend and I got lost looking for Marble Mountain, we stumbled upon this eye-catching beach in Da Nang. It had white sand and azure waters and there was practically no one there, just a handful of people. Da Nang, along with Nha Trang and Mui Ne, are some of the beach destinations in Vietnam. Da Nang is fast developing into a resort town with plenty of restaurants and resorts.

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