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Art & Science Collide: A Visit to the Art Science Museum Singapore

I admit that I have only been to very few art exhibits but when I returned to Singapore I couldn't pass up going to the Art Science Museum for their Da Vinci exhibit.

Da Vinci: Shaping the Future

Leonardo Da Vinci is the renaissance man because he was a painter, philosopher, scientist, and everything in between.

Reading about the man behind the masterpieces and scientific breakthroughs helped me learn more about how he got there and managed to achieve all that he has done in his life. It's amazing how many things you can accomplish when there's no advertising, Internet, and all sorts of entertainment that take up your free time and a really rich patron <insert sarcasm here>.

The exhibit displayed copies of the codex that Da Vinci used for most of his life.

The codex had illustrations of what was going on inside Da Vinci's head. He wrote down and drew a lot of his plans and scientific breakthroughs.

I liked how the exhibit wanted to engage the visitors with games that tested their knowledge of Da Vinci's methods.

There were also contemporary adaptations of Da Vinci's methods on display.

Da Vinci delved into several branches of not only art but also biology. The exhibit displayed his interest in natural science and its connection with everything else in the world.

Da Vinci was also tasked to design an ideal city because of the deaths caused by poor sanitation and spread of disease.

Da Vinci not only helped humanity with his engineering and scientific prowess, he also designed weapons for the military.

I enjoyed getting tidbits about Da Vinci and his work. There were paintings from the Da Vinci School that were on display, but taking pictures was not allowed. There was an exhibit that explained the perfect symmetry of the painting 'The Last Supper'.

Also, the original pages of the codex were on display but pictures weren't allowed. There's a lot to learn from Da Vinci despite centuries since he passed away. Leonardo Da Vinci used nature as his inspiration because he believed that everything is connected. It is something to think about in this day and age because of the reliance of people on technology.

Contemporary Art Displays

There were also contemporary art displays from different artists from various parts of the world.

I can't provide you with keen insight about each display, but I found them interesting. It was interesting to read how the artists made their work and what they meant.

*I paid SG$28 for both exhibits. The Art Science Museum changes exhibits every now and then.

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