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The Other Attraction in Agra: Agra Fort

When people mention Agra, the first thing that comes to mind is the Taj Mahal. But there is another noteworthy attraction just a few minutes from the Taj. The Agra Fort is a destination you can't miss while in Agra.

The Agra Fort

Agra Fort can be described as a walled city as it houses places of worship, palaces, and offices for the royalty and government officials. Agra Fort is a UNESCO World Heritage Site just 2.5km from the Taj Mahal.

It was a really foggy day, when we visited Agra Fort. The fog was too thick at times to see any detail of the fort. But despite the fog we pressed on, we were already there, why turn back now?

Agra Fort had an intimidating facade that speaks of the detail and architecture of ancient Indians. The present form of the fort was built by the Mughals but the fort itself dates back to the 11th century. The fort was mentioned for the first time in 1080 AD when the Ghaznavide forces captured it. The fort was formerly known as Badalgarh in the late 1470s.

Aside from the fog, it was really cold. I had to dress like a ninja to keep myself warm.

Jahangir Palace wrapped in fog.

There was so much history and culture within the walls of the fort. The carvings on the walls were intricate and unique, it spoke so much about the ingenuity of the Mughals and the architects before them. Sikandar Lodi was the first Sultan of Delhi who transferred to Agra and live in the fort. The former Sultan ruled from the fort and made Agra the second capital.

Like a freezing ninja!

Towards the end of his life, Shah Jahan (the ruler who had the Taj Mahal built), wad detained by his son, Aurangzeb. There are stories that Shah Jahan was imprisoned in a room that had a view of the Taj Mahal. It must've been a sad way to die seeing the mausoleum you built for your wife in a prison cell, on top of that, a prison that your own son put you in. Tragic.

The two most notable structures in the fort are the Lahore and Delhi Gate, which we passed while we explored the fort.

I could only imagine what the fort was like during its heyday. The hustle and bustle of royalty and officials walking in and out of its walls must have been a sight to behold for visitors from the future, but quite normal for present day folk in ancient India.

You don't have to rent an auto-rickshaw to get to Agra Fort, you can easily walk to the fort right after exploring the Taj Mahal or vice-versa.

*There is an entrance fee of INR 350 to enter Agra Fort. You can purchase the combined ticket for the Taj Mahal and Agra Fort for INR 1000. These are foreigner ticket prices, locals are charged less.

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