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High Above the City State: Experiencing the Singapore Flyer

Singapore is known for their innovations and how they manage to do so much with so few resources. The Singapore Flyer is a testament to the country's innovation.

Getting High Above the City-State

The Singapore Flyer opened its doors to the public in 2008. It has 28 air-conditioned capsules and stands 165m high.

A ticket costs SG$33
I was unable to ride the Singapore Flyer during my first trip to Singapore, but this time around (almost 2 years after), I couldn't pass up the opportunity to ride this iconic structure.

The Singapore Flyer wasn't just something visitors or locals ride, the people behind the flyer created an experience that goes beyond typical rides in amusement parks. When I visited in February 2015, the theme was dreams. There were panels and works of art that showcased the dream of Singaporeans; their past, present, and future. The mini exhibit created a story that resonated with me, I'm a sap for well-crafted stories.

I waited just for a few minutes to get on one of the capsules. There was no line!

The views were stunning. The iconic structures that epitomized Singapore were marvelous to see from high above the city. Visitors can ride the flyer at night, if they want to see the city light up the night.

I could feel the turbulent winds blowing on the capsule. It was an amazing experience to be that high but still remain stable.

Singapore was preparing for their 50 year anniversary during my visit.

The Singapore Flyer is definitely an architectural and engineering wonder worth visiting during your trip to Singapore.

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