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Wandering Soles: Haji Lane & Arab Street

I wasn't able to explore much of Singapore during my first trip back in 2013, but this time around, I got to see some historical streets in this city-state.

Heritage Walk: Arab Street & Haji Lane 

I was looking for free stuff to do in one of the most expensive cities in the world. Getting lost and exploring its streets seemed like a good idea.

Singapore's culturally-diverse population lives in various parts of the city, Arab Street isn't only for Arabs but its roots are closely related to the Arab population that inhabited the area during the country's founding.

I love artwork, and Arab Street has large canvases (walls) that depict the creativity of the people.

The shop houses on the street reminded me of Melaka and Penang in Malaysia.

I sensed an artsy feel walking along Haji Lane and Arab Street, something I miss whenever I walk the streets of Metro Manila. Art breathes a different kind of life into a place, no matter how mundane or 'industrial' a place looks, it somehow just changes it.

There were quite a few, chill cafes along the streets of Haji Lane and Arab Street. It seemed like the perfect place to just hang out and do nothing.

There were still vestiges of the area's past as seen in the mosque, palace, and design of the houses. The mix of past, present, and future collided while I walked the streets.

The art on the walls aren't the only creative things along Arab Street and Haji Lane. The shops are equally artistic and display Singaporean ingenuity. The facade of each shop has its own personality.

Arab Street and Haji Lane had a different feel, compared to other streets in Singapore. I liked how artsy the vibe of the area felt. This probably a good place to hang out and look for clothes that you can't find in big shopping malls.

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  1. May ganitong lugar pala sa Singapore. Just two streets, though, right? :) Mga gano siya katagal na lakad? Marami pa bang heritage and art areas sa Singapore? I've been putting off visiting Singapore as my priority was areas rich in culture and heritage, or nature. :)

  2. @claire: marami naman pero mas artsy sa Haji Lane at Arab Street, punta na! :D