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Beach Bumming in Dipaculao, Aurora

Baler is the more popular destination whenever one travels to Aurora, but Dipaculao's relative seclusion make it a notable beach destination if you're up to the adventure of getting there.

White Beach and Azure Waters

Our group traveled through verdant rice fields just before arriving at the beach. After a labyrinthine drive ascending and descending the mountains, the fields are a refreshing sight.

The sight of the white sand beach and cerulean waters were what I needed after a long drive. It was fantastic and a place that not a lot of people knew about. The rawness beauty of the beach was charming. There were no large concrete structures or several people running around and occupying a lot of space.

I can think of a lot of places here that are still like this, raw and beautiful.

There's several places like this in the Philippines. Our group of strangers turned friends spent a night here.

The accommodation provided to us was basic but we didn't mind.

The white sand of Dipaculao Beach fit into my toes, and slipped through my fingers smoothly as I held it in my hands. There wasn't a lot of people, just a few handfuls bringing their own tents and food as there are very few restaurants along the beachfront. 

There was a small waterfall near one of the beaches, we spent a few minutes here before heading back to the guesthouse. The waters were cool despite its small size. It wasn't anything spectacular but I was in good company so it didn't matter.

There were notable rock formations at the end of the beach. In typical group travel fashion, we took several photos here before sunset.

The beautiful sunset made my day, the golden hue of the skies and the cloud formation was a good sign of things to come on our trip to Aurora and Quirino.

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