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Quirino Chronicles: The Adventure Begins

Quirino is an adventure and ecotourism destination that is not on everyone's radar but should be. With views like this, who would not want to visit?

Eco-friendly Adventures

It took a long and labyrinthine journey through valleys, farmlands and mountains before we arrived at our destination. We got lost a few times, turned the wrong way, even technology failed us as Google Maps wasn't much help. However, we eventually made it to our destination and hit the ground running.

The first stop was Siitan River for the tubing, but before we started the activity, everyone enjoyed swimming in the river and jumping off a cliff.

The rock formations that lined the river were also quite spectacular, the grooves, elevations and jagged appearance were beautiful in a way only nature could have made them.

Let's go tubing! The group was finally ready to ride the river on tubes for a few minutes. I was a bit disappointed with the ride because it was not as fast as I thought it would be. Maybe it was the weather, it wasn't rainy or stormy or whatever, which made the river relatively placid with a few areas of fast flowing water. I would rate the experience as family-friendly, kids and families would find the experience pleasant.

The view down the river was fetching, the rocks towered over the river and made beautiful shapes, if you used your imagination.

The View 

Since we arrived late, we were not able to visit some of the caves as it was getting dark. However, our tour guide took us to the best place to enjoy the view of the river and the mountains in Landingan View Deck.

Nature was at its rawest and most beautiful, very few man-made structures were in sight. The changing hues of brown to green to a dusky yellow painted a fetching picture of the countryside. You can just sit here all day to rejuvenate, with the fresh air blowing through your hair and face.

No smoke.

No buzzing of cars.

No buildings to block out the sun.

Just you and nature.

Our group of strangers turned into friends all enjoyed the spectacular view overlooking the river and mountains.

It took nature thousands of years of pulling, pushing, molding and wringing to make this sight, why not sit back and enjoy it?

What Quirino lacked in beaches it made up for with rolling and verdant mountains, fresh air and hardly any tourists.

New friend!
We waited until the sun set before heading back to the guest house in Quirino to rest and prepare for another day of adventure.

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