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Explore Narita

When someone mentions Narita, most people would only think of the airport. This is because Narita Airport is one of the most busiest in the world. With millions of people coming and going, most overlook what they can do other than transit and head to their next destination.

Other travel bloggers and I were on a press trip for Jetstar which included a familiarization trip of Narita. Most tourists only go to Narita to transit to another destination, to Tokyo or an outbound flight to somewhere else. However, the area has some interesting places to visit and things to do for travelers who can spare at least half a day of exploration.

Time Traveling

Go back in time by wearing a kimono while in Narita. It was quite tedious to wear the kimono because of the layers we had to put on. Thankfully, there were locals who helped us get dressed, we just followed their directions.

Naritasan Temple is a historically and culturally significant structure. Its history dates back to several centuries ago

Many pilgrims from different parts of Japan make the journey to Narita to pay their respects.

Chow Time

Narita is known for serving unagi or eel, this pricey dish in one of the many restaurants along Omotesando Road. As the cliche goes, eel tastes like chicken with a fishy feel to it. I'd recommend this dish for visitors who want to to experience delicious local cuisine.

Buy It Before It's Too Late

If you missed out on good deals and pasalubong, Narita provides you with another opportunity to shop. Buy chocolates, biscuits, clothes and other items in the malls and outlets in the area.

Narita is more than a stopover to your next destination. Like Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka and other parts of Japan, it has preserved its culture and history, successfully merging with the country's modernity.

*DISCLAIMER: This is a sponsored post.

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