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Malasimbo Festival

It was my first time to attend a music festival, I didn't know what to expect, but I kept an open mind when I attended Malasimbo in Puerto Galera.

Malasimbo At A Glance

Hubert d'Aboville envisioned a music festival held on Puerto Galera. It may have been destiny because he was fortunate to have owned property on top of a mountain that looked like an amphitheater. His vision became a reality back in 2011, when the first Malasimbo Festival took place. The festival got its name from the mountain where it takes place annually.

Partying the Night Away

I'm not really a party person, but I've never been to a music festival so I couldn't say no, besides, having no expectations means more fun.

During the first night of the festival, the set we attended were mostly hip-hop tunes. The only act I recognized on stage was Abra. His wicked verses were not just some random words strung together, but had political and cultural insights.

The unique thing I experienced during the festival was the silent disco. People were bobbing their heads and dancing with headphones on, which was quite weird because the music was only in their heads. I gave it a go, and it was different experience. The headphones had options on which DJ a user would like to listen to.

The crowd had a nice mix of local and foreign travelers looking to have a good time.

The second night was all about DJs and starting a party. The DJs blasted different sets that shook the peak and got people dancing the night away. It was a fun two nights, even for a non-party goer like myself. The festival is also a great way for artists (whether local or international), regardless of the genre they perform in, to showcase their talents.

It was a magical two nights of music, I'd recommend attending Malasimbo Music Festival in Puerto Galera.

How to Get to Malasimbo Music Festival

There are several buses that travel to Batangas Port, once there ride a boat bound for White Beach, Puerto Galera. There are accredited jeepneys that will take you to Mt. Malasimbo for the festival, check with your hotel about the pick up and drop off points.

*DISCLAIMER: I was invited by the Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines for their familiarization trip to Puerto Galera. I attended the festival's second batch that took place on March 24-26, the first batch was on March 4-6.

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