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Chill Time in Mati and Dahican

I was able to book really cheap tickets to Davao City, I didn't hesitate to return to the region to explore another province I have yet to discover, Davao Oriental. As soon as I arrived at the airport, I went to the main road and boarded a bus bound for Mati City.

I Just Want to be at the Beach

I've read a lot of good things about Dahican Beach and how it is fast becoming a popular surfing destination for locals and foreigners alike. However, the weather was a big factor during this trip; it was good when I arrived in Davao City, but the skies began to darken when I arrived in Mati. It rained for a while, so I had to wait in my hotel room before going out again. I didn't have to wait long, when I had the opportunity to finally go out, I immediately hailed for a habal-habal to take me to Dahican.

The wind was howling when I arrived, but at least it wasn't raining. The beach was just as beautiful as I imagined it would be. The waves were ideal for those who want to surf, regardless of their skill level.

I thought the waves were already high enough, but the motorcycle drive told me the waves are higher during certain times of the day. I didn't see anyone surfing nor anyone selling their services and renting boards.

Dahican Beach deserves all the hype it gets, it's not as popular as the beaches in Palawan or Visayas, but I think it will be on the same level in the future.

Sleeping Dinosaur

Other than the beach, another attraction near Mati is the Sleeping Dinosaur; it got its name because of the dinosaur-like shape that the mountains and landscape form.

This is a funny sign I saw when I went to the viewing point. No Dating! I wonder why the local government decided to put this up?

I expected Mati to be town-ish, but it was more developed than I expected it already has its own Jollibee and a handful of restaurants.

How to Get to Mati

Mati is accessible via buses or vans just outside the airport or you can go to Ecoland Terminal. I boarded the non-air conditioned bus for P180 one-way; the trip took around 5 hours. I paid P150 for the habal-habal ride to Dahican Beach and then the viewpoint for the Sleeping Dinosaur, and back to the hotel.

Suggested Contact Person

Kuya Rem-Rem (habal-habal driver): 09308833171

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