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Booking B Hotel in Quezon City Made Easy with Traveloka

I was looking for a hotel to stay in Quezon City; it was difficult to go through so many choices and the endeavor was taking up too much time. A friend referred me to a travel app that I heard for the first time, the app was Traveloka. I browsed their website first to determine if it was easy to use. Then I also discovered that it was also a mobile app. The promos I saw on their website piqued my interest, which led to me deciding to download the app.

The Booking Process

The app was easy to use as everything is laid out smoothly, from the switching of tabs from hotel to flight bookings to scrolling down for choices. I looked for hotels in Quezon City, since it was near where I lived. I used a generic search (just the city) and found a good number of options, from luxurious to budget hotels in the area. I narrowed my search to something more affordable first and the app quickly displayed the choices. After browsing for a while, I decided I wanted to book a higher priced but better accommodation, something that had buffet breakfast and a swimming pool. The app was quick to narrow the search and limit the choices based on the features I wanted.

Browsing through the options is also easy using the Traveloka app; it displayed all the information I needed about the hotels I put on my shortlist. This made the selection process easier, because I was looking for certain features before making a choice. I could also see the different rooms available, and if they had breakfast or not. The app also displayed the prices of the cheapest possible to the most expensive one in the hotel.

After browsing through hotels and ticking off others on the list, I finally decided to pick B Hotel because of the good reviews I saw online. It had everything I wanted, a swimming pool, buffet breakfast and a good, spacious room. The app helped me make my choice as it displayed all the information and details I wanted to know, from the price to the features to the room types.

Just like the selection process, the payment was just as smooth. Traveloka made it easy for me to book and pay for the hotel of my choice. After selecting, there was a prompt that asked me to view my booking details before proceeding. Before paying, there is also a timer and time limit based on the payment option you choose. This provides customers with the chance to change their mind, if they don’t want to book yet or would prefer another hotel.

Traveloka provides different payment options for those who want to pay at a bank, over the counter at 7-11 or using their debit or credit card. The payment is secure and you’ll get a voucher to confirm your booking. The voucher contains all the information about the hotel I booked. Upon arriving at the hotel, I just told the receptionist I booked through Traveloka and she didn’t ask for anything else other than an ID.

Booking through Traveloka was a seamless experience, the app provided information and details about hotels that made looking for a place to stay easy. There are discount codes you can get on the ongoing promos tab to get good deals that slash prices on hotels and flights.

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