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Unwinding at Haranah Eco Park

Rizal is a popular weekend or vacation destination for those who live in Metro Manila or nearby areas. The province has mountains, waterfalls and cultural attractions for those looking get away from the bustle of city life. One such place to add to your itinerary is Haranah Eco Park, this park was carefully cultivated and developed by its owners to combine the best of natural and man-made wonders.

Made by Nature, Developed by Man

The owner told us that when they bought the land, it was undeveloped, simply put the area was wild. However, they had a vision and saw the potential of the property they bought.

The 16.2 hectares land provides a bird's eye view of Laguna de Bay at its peak and has approximately over 5000 steps that takes visitors to its different stations, gardens and areas. The park is home to Philippine endemic plants and flora from other countries as well.

One of the activities you can do while in the park is rock balancing. This may seem like a boring activity, but finding the center of gravity and which rocks are perfect fits is a challenge. Doing this can be a form of therapy as it relaxes the mind, body and soul.

There are also facilities that will challenge your fitness level.

The park is big enough to find places where you can sit down and enjoy nature. The area was carefully cultivated and developed for even inexperienced hikers, kids and seniors.

Other activities in the park include camping, stargazing, tree and herb planting, Filipino games and other team building activities. The staff can also start a bonfire where you can eat smores, roast hotdogs, tell stories and others.

The eco park is ideal for team building activities, or friends and families who want to enjoy nature and get away from the hustle and bustle of the city.


What's good about the park is that even if you camp, there will be someone who will cook for you. I'm no fussy eater, that's why I liked every dish that was served from lunch until breakfast the next day.


You don't have to rough it out when you camp here at Haranah Eco Park; it has facilities such as a dining are, shower room and toilets with bidet.

You can check their rates here: http://www.haranahecopark.com.ph/

Contact Details

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/HaranahEcoPark/
Address: Sitio Mayagay 2, Barangay Cuyambay, Tanay, Rizal
Email: postmaster@haranahecopark.com.ph
Telephone #: 632-376-6645

*DISCLAIMER: This was part of a familiarization tour conducted by the Tourism Promotions Board of the Philippines.

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