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Keeping an Active Lifestyle

Are you diabetic?

Diabetes is a life-changing disease, but in a negative way. It prevents you from doing what you love to the full extent of your abilities, whether it's hiking or traveling, because of this ailment. You have to worry about body pains, restrictions on things you can do and taking medication. It also increases the possibility of getting other diseases. Exercise, eating right and staying active helps, but you'll need all the help you can get to prevent diabetes.

Keep a Healthy Lifestyle

I come from a family of diabetics, that's why I had to make a conscious effort of preventing it from happening to me as well. I try to stay active by doing something I love, such as hiking. There's nothing like seeing and experiencing nature's wonders, such as the ones I saw during my latest trip to China. If I had diabetes, my body would be limited and I wouldn't be able to get to the places where the views are awesome and the crowds small.

When we're young, we tend to take little things for granted, such as being able to climb up and down stairs. Thinking that we're invincible and we have a lot of years left before any disease brings us down. However, diabetes can happen to anyone, even if they're still young, especially, if they have relatives who have or had the ailment.

I didn't want to take my chances, especially if it meant giving up time and resources to what I love doing, which was exploring the great outdoors and traveling. I needed all the help I can get to sustain my chosen lifestyle. Eating the right way and staying active are important, but I needed all the help I can get, that's why I chose to use supplements, such as Ampalaya Plus, as well.

As the cliche goes, prevention is always better than cure. Just because we're young, it doesn't mean we delay trying to stay healthy, thinking that we have a lot of time left. I've tried Ampalaya Plus' supplements and drank their tea, and I did begin to feel the difference from the time I started using their products compared to the time I didn't.

It's never too early to prevent the onset of diabetes, with regular physical activity, the right food and supplements you can stay healthy and not become another static of diabetics. #travelhealthy #AmpalayaPlus


  1. It's nice you have ampalaya plus to supplement your active lifestyle. Exploring the world needs much energy and health.

  2. I hate the taste of Ampalaya but I'm scared too because some of my family members has Diabetes. I'm afraid I might inherit the disease so I'll take your precaution of taking supplement or fresh Ampalaya to prevent the disease. Thanks!

  3. If you are prepared, there is no need to fear whatever your status in life. but it is better to be always on the go.

  4. It really pays to keep an active and a healthy lifestyle. Like you, I also take supplements to help keep my body in good condition.

  5. I came from a family of Diabetics as well and I just found out this year that I am already at a pre-diabetic stage. And so, I changed my lifestyle and eating habits.