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Itinerary and Expenses for Lombok, Indonesia Trip

It was my second time in Indonesia, and I was looking forward to exploring another part of it. For this trip I decided to visit Lombok, east of Bali. I've heard of the many things to do and places to see on this island, I wrote this post to share my experiences, expenses and itinerary, if ever you plan to visit this part of the country.


Everything's in Indonesian Rupiah

285,000 - Transportation
1,325,100 - Food and drinks
221,000 - Miscellaneous (movie tickets, laundry, etc.)
240,000 - 2 nights On the Way Hostel in Senggigi
250,000 - Shared car tour (around Mataram, Sendang Gile and Tiu Kelep)
10,000 - Entrance fee Mayura
20,000 - Entrance fee Meru
125,000 - Shuttle to Kuta
10,000 - Mawun Beach fee
10,000 - Selong Belanak fee
5,000 - Tanjung Aan fee
350,000 - Bike hire with driver
250,000 - 1 night GR House & Cafe
150,000 - 1 night Lamancha Homestay
125,000 - Shared car tour
10,000 - Sager Beach fee
20,000 - Sasak Village fee
130,000 - Gili Trawangan boat and shuttle
400,000 - 2 nights My Mates hostel
150,000 - 3 islands snorkeling
100,000 - Payment for lost keys
15,000 - Transport to Bangsar from Gili
50,000 - Transport to Senggigi from Bangsar
500,000 - 2 nights Sendok Hotel
200,000 - 1 night Dicky's Homestay
222,000 - 1 night M Hotel
1,500,000 - Mt. Rinjani Trek                                      
IDR 6,673,100 - Total

*I spent a total of 16 days on the island of Lombok.


My trip began in Mataram where I just chilled for a couple of days to plan the rest of my trip. The city had a few attractions worth visiting, but most people that visit this island head to the beaches, go chase waterfalls, hike Mt. Rinjani and go diving.

After Mataram I stayed for a few days in Senggigi; there I met two Germans who wanted to go on a car tour to different spots on the island. It was too expensive to do on my own so I decided to join them. We went to a few places in Mataram and went to Tiu Kelep and Sendang Gile.

I then went to Kuta, which had beautiful beaches within a few minutes or hours away. I went to Tanjung Aan, Mawun, Selong Belanak and Kuta beach. I met with the two Germans again and got on another car tour to other beaches, view points and coves.

During the last leg of my trip I decided to go on a multi-day Mt. Rinjani trek.

Lombok is an interesting place to visit, it reminds me of some of the provinces in the Philippines because of its beautiful beaches, landscapes and the idyllic feel of the towns and even the city. There are dive shops on the island, if you're into diving. Lombok is also the gateway to other destinations in the eastern side of Indonesia as there are boat rides that are bound for Flores and others.

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