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Top Reasons to Visit Villa Escudero

Quezon has a bit of everything, beaches to farm resorts, waterfalls and even surfing spots. If ever you're in this province, one of the places you must visit is Villa Escudero.

Eat by a Waterfall

One of the biggest attractions of Villa Escudero is the unique experience of dining by a waterfall. Feel the cool waters running through your feet as you bite into the delectable liempo, chicken and other Pinoy dishes. Bathe under the waterfall to douse the heat of the sun before going for another round of delicious food and drinks. The distinct cuisine and dining ambiance make the villa an ideal place to take balikbayans or foreign friends and relatives

Delicious Filipino Food

Villa Escudero takes pride in being distinctly Filipino from its design, the materials it uses and the food served. In my opinion, the food was exceptional; from the ulams (viands), a mix of meat, fish and vegetables, to the dessert. Even if you just plan to eat at the villa, it is well worth the trip just for the food.

Enjoy Nature

Villa Escudero is an ideal destination for nature lovers; visitors can go bamboo rafting and enjoy the surroundings. On clear and calm days, you'll get beautiful views and the reflections of the trees and rafts around the lake. The best time to take photos is just around sunset; the last rays of the sun will turn the leaves of the trees into an autumn-like yellowish orange.

Embrace Filipino Culture

Villa Escudero takes pride in being distinctly Filipino, one of the ways it shows this is the dances shown. I was fortunate enough to be invited to the anniversary of the villa's dance troupe. They displayed different dances from different ethnic groups and eras (from Spanish colonial to present) in the Philippines. Visitors will get a chance to see this art form on stage during their day or overnight stay, depending on the dates of their arrival.

The villa completes the 'Filipino' ambiance with the architecture and design of the rooms and dining areas.

Recreational Facilities

Villa Escudero combines nature and man-made design beautifully; it has recreational facilities such as pools for both adults and kids. Douse the heat of the sun swimming or chilling in the Jacuzzi. There are a number of spots in different parts of the villa to enjoy nature, relax and unwind, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, but still have the comforts of home.


Day tour: http://villaescudero.com/reservation/day-tour/tour-information
Overnight or longer stays: http://villaescudero.com/accommodation/

Contact Information

Villa Escudero, Km 91, Tiaong, Quezon

1059 Estrada Street, Malate 1004 Metro Manila

+63 (02) 523-0392, +63 (02) 521-0830, +63 (02) 523-2944, +63 917-583-7727, +63 919-993-4744, +63 923-741-0605

(632) 521-8698


P.O. Box 4 San Pablo City 400, Philippines

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