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A Glimpse of the Past in Las Casas

Las Casas Filipinas de Acuzar has been on my travel radar for a while, I finally had the opportunity to explore this quaint town where many heritage houses are being restored and rebuilt.

A Nostalgic Look at the Past

If you want to see what some parts of the Philippines was like before, Las Casas in Bataan is the place to do it. There are many ancestral houses where you can have photoshoots, spend a night or two in or simply just reminisce of how life was decades ago.

Each casa has its own distinct story to tell through its design, materials used and the furniture carefully selected for each room. I couldn't help but imagine the people that walked on cobblestone streets under the dim light of a lamppost whenever I see the houses and walk in and out of them.

One of the things to try in Las Casas is the boat ride.

The boat will take you through narrow canals that used to be a part of the old Manila city design.

Behind the scenes taking pictures of each other and the buildings.

Las Casas was the brainchild of Jose Acuzar; it has more than 20 stone houses and old colonial buildings.

You can walk to different sections of Las Casas, but you can also ride the kalesas or jeepneys going around.

Las Casas is worth going to even as just a day trip from Manila. You'll learn a lot and get a glimpse of The Philippines' vibrant and rich past and culture.

Visit their website https://www.lascasasfilipinas.com for more information about their rates.

*DISCLAIMER: Las Casas was part of a familiarization I was on with DOT Region 3.

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