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A Trip to Kuang Si Falls

I was in Luang Prabang for a couple of days, so I decided to visit one of its most popular attractions --- Kuang Si Falls. I decided to just join a tour offered by the many agencies in town. You could get there on your own, but I just didn't want the hassle.

A Good Day Out

Kuang Si was a scenic drive from town; the area of the waterfalls is developed and is easy to navigate. It is a famous local and foreign destination, hence the developments such as paved walkways, bridges, stairs, restrooms and huts just to name a few. Despite the commercialization, I still had a fun time exploring the different tiers and sections of Kuang Si.

Here's a video of the waterfalls:

I booked a tour with one of the agencies in town; we were given a certain amount of time to explore and swim.

I took my time going from tier to tier and section to section. It was easy to get to places because of the development of the area. The pools closer to the entrance and exit had more people in it. There are spots with just a handful of tourists or none at all.

The walk to the sections was scenic; the waters of the pools had an emerald hue.

I had time so I decided to climb up a hill; it was quite challenging at some part because I had to use my hands or sit down sometimes to get a up huge rocks or get my balance in narrow sections. Some parts were also steep and difficult to navigate if you're unfit. Very few people make it up to this point, making it a good spot for those who want to get away from the crowds. However, I have to admit I liked the lower sections of the waterfalls more than this section.

How to Get to Kuang Si Falls

I booked a van group tour which cost me 50,000 Laos Kip. The bus tours are cheaper and you can get to the waterfalls on your own on a motorbike. The ticket for the falls is 20,000 Laos Kip.

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