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The Colorful Stobosa Houses in Benguet

I had some time to visit the colorful Stobosa houses in Benguet during my trip to Baguio. I've heard of this from friends and social media posts. It piqued my curiosity, and I finally got the chance to see the homes up close.

The Colors of Stobosa

Baguio has slowly turned into an urban sprawl, with concrete and makeshift roofs, and towering skyscrapers and shopping centers are scattered in different parts of the city. While others are able to create sustainable structures, others have just made beautiful mountainsides and cliffs into am eyesore. This is when the colorful houses of Stobosa come into the equation.

The multi-colored homes have turned even the most drab home into a work of art. The Tam-Awan Village Artists namely Clinton Aniversaryo, Jenny Lorenzo, Jordan Mang-osan and Ged Alangui in collaboration with the region's department of tourism initiated the RevBloom campaign that led to the development of the Stobosa houses.

The enormous mural that covers thousands of kilometers, more than a hundred houses and used more than more than 2,000 gallons of environment-friendly paint. The artists and the local government weren't the only ones to contribute to the work, it became a community thing. Homeowners pitched in with painting and supplies needed to complete the project.

The houses made an otherwise ugly sprawl of wood, concrete and makeshift roofs into a giant work of art.

How to Get to Stobosa

Your first stop is Baguio City, there are many buses from Manila (Cubao, Pasay, etc.) that go to Baguio. The fare is around P450 and up depending on the company, seat class and bus type. From the city you can hire a taxi to take you to Stobosa for P100 per way or you can board a jeep passing by it for P9 per way; just tell the driver you'd like to alight at Stobosa.

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