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Travel Guide: Shifen

One of the places you can visit during your stay in Taipei is Shifen. The latter is an interesting place to visit because of the food, and historical and natural attractions.

Getting Lost in Shifen

I went to Shifen with little to no expectations, which is often the best way to go. It was rainy and gloomy, but these didn't deter me from enjoying the rail town and the other attractions nearby.

There were plenty of food stalls that offer typical Taiwanese fare. Most of the visitors were other Chinese, I only saw a handful of foreigners.

The area used to be a prominent rail town where the transport of coal took place during the Japanese era, now, it is a tourist attraction.

Many visitors write on paper lanterns and send them flying into the sky with their wishes.

Other than the old rail town, you can also visit the famous waterfalls.

The waterfall isn't far from the town and is within walking distance. It is around a half an hour walk northeast from the tracks. If you walk along the right side, you'll pass by the Cheng An Temple, the left side provides you with scenic views.

There are some shops and places to eat in the area near the waterfall.

I had a fun and chill time in Shifen and would recommend as a day trip from Taipei.

How to Get to Shifen

Taipei has an extensive rail and bus network that makes it easy to explore and do some day trips. Take a northbound train to Ruifang Station from Taipei Main Station. Then switch to the Pingxi Line, then buy a one day ticket for the latter. I spent NTD76 to get to Ruifang and another NTD80 for the Pingxi Line day pass.

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